Know how to pack clothes properly for storage? Few people do, yet it is surprisingly easy once you know the basics and follow these simple Quick Self Storage tips. Th issue most people have relates to scrunching items together in bin liners that they think will protect clothes, something which can actually cause big problems when storing clothes. When you want to pack clothes properly for storage, consider what actually keeps clothing in good condition, then pack having taken that into account. It creates a fairly big difference.

As every fashion lover knows, there’s something satisfying about decluttering your wardrobe and making a little space. But just because you are not wearing everything right now doesn’t mean you want to get rid of your favourite coats and jeans either. You might want to keep items of clothing for any number of reasons. A winter coat, shoes that hold memories, trousers that will fit again one day. So, put them safely out of sight in self storage – but remember the secret to long lasting fabrics is to pack them properly for storage, with good care.

6 Top Tips For Safely Packing Clothes Properly For Storage

  1. Cleaning fabrics before your store them
  2. Hanging clothes for crease-free storage
  3. A little bit of shoe polish keeps shoes healthy for long in storage
  4. Care for your leather before storing it
  5. Plastic boxes for long term storage
  6. Inventory for easy access

How to pack clothes properly for storage Quick Self Storage

Cleaning fabrics before your store them

You may not think your clothes are dirty, but over time marks and stains can set in and damage fabrics. So, make sure each item of clothing you’re packing for storage is freshly laundered or dry-cleaned before packing.  We would always recommend indoor storage for clothing anyway, but if you do have food stains on your cuffs, you could be inviting unwanted visitors to chew on your clothes. The less there is that can attract ants, silverfish, and other pests, the better.

Hanging clothes for crease-free storage

Delicate silks and heavy coats do not go together so well. You don’t want to squash them into a box and end up with crushed fabrics and indented creases. You can get wardrobe boxes that are ideal for hanging your more crushable items, keeping them as fresh-looking as possible. When designers design clothes they consider how clothing hangs and how it is likely to be stored, very few clothing designers would ever consider squashing items up together to be beneficial in keeping them looking good. There are some examples, such as compressible down jackets. When it comes to silk shirts, and other more delicate items, hanging on quality hangers will keep cherished items of clothing in far better shape while in storage.

A little bit of shoe polish keeps shoes healthy for long in storage

If you have some shoes you love and want to store well, then take note. Make sure shoes are completely dry before putting them into storage by leaving by a radiator before packing. Then, stuff the toes with screwed up newspaper so that they keep their shape, or even better use shoe trees, especially if you are piling them all into the same box. For good quality dress shoes, and other shoes that have a finish you wish to protect, wrap them in fabric so that they do not scratch or rub against each other. Many good quality shoe makers will actually supply a soft cotton or linen bag to keep shoes in good condition during storage. You may even want to consider removing the insoles too – as these can retain moisture and sweat and make things a little smelly over time. As with other clothes, make sure you clean your shoes. Dust off dry mud, then polish or use a protective spray. Every bit of time spent caring for your shoes now means they will be show-stoppers when you need them again.

How to pack clothes properly for storage Quick Self Storage

Care for your leather before storing it

Leather goods such as shoes, belts and handbags may need a little extra care. As leather dries out it can crack and show signs of aging, and also discolour with leftover damp or dirt. So, as above, take time to make sure everything is dry, and pack shoes and handbags with paper. Then treat all your leather to a luxurious treatment with a little polish or wax – making sure to get the right colour. Just be careful that shoes, leather jackets and other leather clothing items such as belts and skirts are never too dry. When leather gets too dry is cracks, and starts to fall apart. Treating it will help, though you may wish to pull leather items out of storage every few months, and check them, giving whichever clothing items in storage need a little extra care that care they need.

Plastic boxes for long term storage

You might consider vacuum packing your clothes to fit more in a box, which is fine for the short term. But long term squashing your fabrics can damage the fibres. It’s better to put them into solid plastic boxes, and not to squeeze too much in each one. Give your clothes space to breath. We recommend plastic boxes over cardboard as they are waterproof, mothproof and squash proof. There are lots of options available when it comes to plastic boxes for long term storage, just consider how much space you need, and how much can fit in each box without your clothing being squashed. Squash clothing too much when it goes into storage and you may find there was little point in storing it when you next take it out.

How to pack clothes properly for storage Quick Self Storage

Inventory for easy access

As with everything you put into self storage, we recommend you label the boxes and keep an inventory of what you store. This means then when you do have a yearning for your favourite boots, or need your best occasion wear, you can find it easily without a long search.

Our self storage facilities in Peterborough and in Darlington can help you with advice on organising an inventory if that would make things easier for you.

By putting clothing into storage you can win back a lot of space in your home, especially if you have a modern apartment short on storage. Use of clothing storage can also be very wise during renovations and home remodelling so as to avoid getting really dust clothing, or other damage to cherished items.

For all your self storage options, and all the space you need, talk to Quick Self Storage today.