When you’re putting your belongings into self storage, a little forethought and organisation can go a long way.

Here are our top tips for keeping your stuff in great condition and making the most of your storage unit.

1. Make a list

Consider what you want to store and make a list before you pack it. If you are archiving your business paperwork you’ll want to create a filing system.

For personal possessions, make a list of the items you are packing away and which box they are in. Then when you are looking for something in a few months time, it’s easy to check whether it’s in your unit and where to put your hand on it.

10 tips for organising your self storage unit Quick Self Storage

2. Mark your boxes

 Of course, making a list is only going to tell you if the item you need is in the unit. When you are confronted with 20 or 30 boxes, knowing which one is a lot easier if they are labelled.

3. Plastic or cardboard boxes

 Plastic boxes will be sturdier than cardboard, so they are the best for fragile items such as ornaments or crockery. If you are using indoor storage then damp and mould shouldn’t be a problem, but in outdoor containers plastic will also help to keep your fabrics free of mildew.

Cardboard boxes will allow fabrics to breath easier, plus they are lighter and more cost-effective. So using cardboard containers in indoor units can be the better option.

4. Pack with care

There are various ways to protect your favourite belongings as you pack them. Use bubble wrap for fragile ornaments, clean and polish leather before you put it away, use a mattress protector and put dustsheets on furniture. That way everything will be as clean and fresh as possible when you unpack.

10 tips for organising your self storage unit Quick Self Storage

5. Store heavier items at the bottom

When it comes to stacking your boxes inside your self-storage unit, put the heavier items at the bottom to keep the bottom of the pile from being crushed or becoming unstable.

6. Put frequently used items in last

If you are using your unit as a spare shed and will be visiting it regularly, then put the most frequently used items in last, so that they are closest to the door. This saves you having to clamber over your things to reach them.

7. Put the biggest items of furniture by the door

When you are moving house you’ll be transferring furniture and boxes of your belongings in and out of a lorry – and you will want the largest items at the bottom. So it’s the first thing you want to reach for when you open your unit to carry it out to the van.

If you are moving in two stages, it makes sense to move the furniture and kitchen items – the must-have items – into your new home first, and leave the out of season clothes and unnecessary clutter at the back of the unit for the second trip.

10 tips for organising your self storage unit Quick Self Storage

8. Consider racking and shelving

When you run your business from your self-storage unit, proper organisation is the key to managing stock levels and posting purchases to customers quickly and efficiently. Installing racking in your unit will provide you with a simple way to organise stock, and prevent it getting damaged in a crush of heavy boxes.

9. Take your furniture apart

If you are leaving your items in storage for a long time you will want to maximise the use of the space. Taking furniture apart will allow you to stack it more efficiently and fit more into your storage unit.

10. Declutter as you pack

There is no point in paying for storage space to keep items you don’t actually want. Declutter as you pack, and consider what you can give to charity or can be recycled.

If you need any help in planning how to use your self-storage unit – or in estimating the size of unit that you need – then give us a call on 01733 834 183.