Living in an apartment is great. It’s the perfect little home for you, with everything you need. However, smaller apartments can also mean smaller spaces. Many apartments are built to squeeze in all the rooms you need. But when it comes to storage space – that can often be lacking.

Fear not – help is at hand. In this blog post we share some top self storage tips to make the most of your apartment space.

Utilise Wardrobe Space

If you have large built-in wardrobes, that are common in apartments, utilise them. You might not need all the hanging space. Why not put your chest of drawers in the wardrobe? Add shelves for shoes or storing clothes and just keep the amount of hanging storage that you need.

Hidden Storage

Boxes piled up high never gives off that homely look does it? So, look for hidden storage options instead. This could be an ottoman bed for example. You can store all your bedding, seasonal clothing and even festive decorations under your bed until it’s needed. All hidden away from sight, but easy to get to when you need it.

Use The Nooks

When you picture shelving, you might think of long bookshelf length shelves, but there are other options. If you have little nooks in your apartment, it’s likely you can get the perfect shelf for that space. Corner shelves are a great idea, short length floating shelves look great too. All while offering you that little bit more storage space.

Clear The Floor

Instead of having storage that touches the floor, why not consider cubed storage on the walls. This can store things just as well as floor storage, but it can go above the sofa, bed or dining table. Opting for simple changes such as wall mounted light to give you more table space, or a small cube shelf with no doors, will all give you the extra space you’re looking for.

Shelf Staggering

We have mentioned wall storage and shelving a few times, but you do need to be careful with it. Too many shelves lined up can make a room look and feel smaller than it is. Option for a ladder type style to your shelving, where the shelving gets smaller the higher up you go, is a great way of getting the extra storage you need, while making the room look and feel bigger than it is.

The Right Storage

Not all cabinets, tables and bed side tables are the same. Think about what you want to store in them. Maybe you would prefer drawers over shelves, or perhaps a large storage area with no shelves inside is better. By thinking about what you want to store, it means you can get the right storage for your items and make the most of it too!

Door Storage

There are loads of great ideas for storage on the back of doors. This could be a shoe hanger on the back of the cloakroom door, pan lid holders inside kitchen cupboards, hangers on the back of your bedroom door and more. All of these storage solutions that go on the backs of doors give you more storage without taking up a lot more space.

Window Space

Don’t forget about your windowsills. It’s important not to over fill them as they let the essential natural light in to make your home look more spacious. However, they can still be used as potential storage spots. Be careful what you put on your windowsills though as some items, such as candles, can be damaged by the direct sunlight.


When you find your apartment, it is often bigger in your head than it turns out to be in real life. You get excited and go shopping for new furniture, collect the stunning (and large) family heirlooms for your new home and get hand-me-downs from friends too. 

However, on moving in you may quickly realise that you don’t have as much space as you thought. If this has been the case for you and it feels like you are stumbling over things, then why not consider using our personal storage space at your local storage facility in Peterborough? We can store your belongings and furniture for as long as you need.