When it’s time to prepare your property for sale, it’s vital to invest in projects that add value to your home and potentially increase the resale value. However, not all home renovations add value to your home, and some may even diminish the asking price when you decide to sell. It would be best if you went for home improvement projects that you can afford to spend on and ones that serve you well as you wait to sell.

When selling your home you always want to get the best price possible, whether it’s a down market, an up market, or even a sideways market, getting the best value for your home gives you better options for where you are moving to. The following home renovations will increase your home’s value and ensure it appeals to more buyers.

Remodel or Update Your Kitchen

Home Renovations for Increasing Value Quick Self Storage

A kitchen renovation is a project that adds value to your home and promises a good return on investment when selling a house. There are several ways you can revamp your kitchen, ranging from low budget renovations to fancy and expensive remodelling:

  • Knockdown a wall to open up the kitchen and create more space that could be utilised to install a dining area.
  • Add a window over the sink to boost its appeal.
  • Modernise by installing new sleek cabinet handles.
  • Switch up old appliances with new energy-efficient models that help you and prospective buyers to save money.

Add an Extra Bathroom

Home Renovations for Increasing Value Quick Self Storage

Most buyers look for homes with several baths; so, if your house can use an extra bathroom, find room in your home for an additional bathroom. The good news is that you can recoup 80%-130% of the amount you spend adding a bathroom. Consider underutilised spaces, extra rooms, and spaces that are under the stairs for this project. You could also move your unused but sentimental stuff into storage using a personal storage unit and transform your small closet into a bathroom.

Add an Outdoor Living Area

Home Renovations for Increasing Value Quick Self Storage

Many families desire homes with comfy outdoor living spaces where they can enjoy sunsets together. Thus, adding a deck that is not specific to your preferences and lifestyle will add to your home’s appeal and increase its resale value. Use high-grade materials for the renovation to increase the deck’s lifespan.

Reinventing an existing space is a great way to save costs associated with adding square footage to your home. Store the belongings in your attic with Quick Self Storage and convert that space into a bedroom, craft room, or bedroom. This is also an opportune time to finish off your basement and keep it versatile to allow potential homebuyers to turn it into whatever they desire.

Repaint Your House

Home Renovations for Increasing Value Quick Self Storage

Repainting your house is a perfect way to give your home a fresh and updated look for homebuyers. Painting helps to conceal a home’s natural wear, tear, and other imperfections, making it a camera ready for marketing picture photography and virtual tours. Remember, neutral wall colours attract a broad range of homebuyers.

  • Add a Bathroom
  • Install a Deck
  • Reinvent a Room
  • Repaint
  • Improve the Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior gives buyers a first impression, and it can be either terrible or impeccable. Ensure your exterior details and paint are on point, the driveways are properly paved, the lawn well maintained, and you could add a colourful garden. Place old deck furniture in one of our self storage in Peterborough or possibly Darlington, and collaborate with local furniture companies to have some nice deck pieces during viewings.

By following these simple tips for home renovations that increase your home’s value, you will give yourself good advantage when it comes to selling your house. Decluttering will also help!