We all have belongings and valuables that we can’t imagine not having and ideally, want to keep these things safe and secure. However, this isn’t always possible within our own homes or business spaces. These could be valuables that need storing when you move house or when undertaking renovations on your property. They could be family heirlooms, antiques or artwork that you want to keep safe and protected.

Millions of burglaries and home break-ins occur in the UK every year. Sadly, only a small percentage of these crimes get solved. In many cases, the valuables that are stolen from homes and businesses are lost and never returned to the owners. There is no limit to things many of us would do to make sure our families, homes and businesses are safe. This is why many of our customers use our secure storage units, to keep their valuables as safe as possible.

While there are lots of different storage solution options out there, it’s important that you choose the right one for you. You could hire a garage or use a friend’s shed to store your valuables. However, how safe would they be? Some people go for the cheapest secure storage solution, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. If you are looking at keeping your valuables safe, check out the security in place at storage units when you next rent a unit. This will help reassure you that your valuables are safe and protected while in secure storage units.

In this blog post, we share ways that you can go about keeping your valuables safe. We also share the common reasons that our customers use secure storage to ensure that their valuables are safe.

Avoid The Risk Of Theft

You might not think that Great Aunt Sissy’s armchair or Grandad Franks’s painting on the wall are attractive to a potential thief, but they could be. Having these items on view in a home or stored in a garage can make them very attractive to a potential thief. While you look at these items with sentimentality and love, a thief will just see pound signs. They will be thinking about how they can break into your home or garage to steal the items and how much they can sell them for. While security cameras and intruder alarms in your home will help deter criminals, the break-in may still be possible.

Crime Doesn’t Take Place At Set Times

You might think that your valuables are safe during the day as your neighbours will keep an eye out for you. Then, at night time you are home, so you are protecting your home. The thing with crime though is that it doesn’t take place at set times. Thieves are opportunists. If you have something in your property that they want, they will find a time to take it. This could be when you are out every Friday night for dinner with friends, when you take the kids to the cinema once a month or when your neighbours walk their dogs. The benefit of secure storage units is that they are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our well-equipped self storage units in Darlington and Peterborough have high-quality security solutions and technology that will help keep your valuables safe and secure, at all hours of the day and night.

Access Your Belongings Safely At Any Time

One of the best things about secure storage units for a lot of our customers, is the accessibility. You can gain access to your belongings and valuables at any time. However, the added bonus of the security at our secure storage units is also of great interest to a lot of our customers too. Imagine you are working late at home one night and you’re missing an essential piece of information or a document. You wouldn’t want to go to the office late at night as you never know who is around and how safe you might be. But when you have your private work documents stored in our storage facilities, you’ll know you are safe collecting them and viewing them at any time of the day or night. With motion sensor lighting, CCTV cameras, gates and locks you will know that you are safe while collecting the important items you need.

Your Valuables Are Under Constant Surveillance

Whether your valuables are at home, in your business or in the garage – you are not there 24 hours a day. It is impossible to keep an eye on your belongings and valuables all the time. Unless you have the stored in our secure storage facilities. Our secure storage facilities are fully staffed and fully equipped with high-quality security surveillance cameras in place. This means that your valuables are under constant surveillance within our secure storage units.

Good Storage Unit Organisation

Once you have chosen a secure storage facility that offers excellent levels of security for your valuables, you need to think about how you will store your valuables. Now is the time for good storage unit organisation to further protect your valuables. Many people think good stooge for their valuables is not storing them directly on the floor. However, there are more steps that you can take when keeping your valuables safe in storage. For example, we would recommend that you store your more important valuables towards the back of the unit. Keeping them away from the entrance of the storage unit is a good idea too.

Secure Storage Insurance for Your Valuables

No matter how secure the storage unit is, there will always be a very small risk that your possessions could be stolen or damaged. While we have high quality security systems throughout our storage units, thieves can be crafty. There are also other disasters in secure storage units too. These include things like floods, fire and lightning for example. Your self storage insurance for the valuables in storage will help to protect if there was a serious incident. When you have the correct secure storage insurance in place for your valuables you will have the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure, even in the very unlikely case of an emergency or break-in.

To keep your valuables safe, you need to choose a safe and secure storage facility that has high security solutions in place to protect your items. If you need somewhere safe to store your valuables, then call our team. We have the secure storage units that you need to keep your valuables safe.