Quick Convenient & Secure Self Storage for All Your Sports Equipment

Flexible Storage Solutions for Your Sports Equipment

Much as we love our sport, it’s not always possible to keep all that equipment around the house. Who wants to be tripping over ski-boots in summer or shimmying past surfboards when it’s freezing out? Imagine what you could do with that spare room or shed if it wasn’t full of cricket and ice hockey gear, not to mention the home gym, elliptical trainer, stationary bike and treadmill.

Fortunately, Quick Self Storage has the answer. You’ll find the ideal spot to all your sporting equipment in our huge range of indoor storage units, and you’ll be able to access your stored items whenever the urge to exercise takes you.

Sports Equipment Quick Self Storage
Sports Equipment Quick Self Storage

Secure, Smart Self-Storage Options for Sports Equipment

With sports comes the need for space. Someone famous might have said that. If not, they should have. Just take a quick glance around your home and you’ll be amazed by how much space is taken up by sports gear. With everything from all-in-one home gym stations to Zumba shakers taking up valuable room, you’ll be relieved to know there is an affordable, secure, accessible solution that will satisfy the whole family and give you back your space.

Sports Equipment Quick Self Storage

Convenient Storage Solutions for Sports Equipment

Whether it’s the golf clubs gathering dust in your shed, the windsurfer looming large in the garage, or the skis, boots and poles that have crowded the hallway since your last skiing holiday, there comes a time to take action and claim back your space from all that sports equipment. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy to store your sporting gear in a clean secure environment, and still have access to it whenever you need to 24/7, thanks to our smart phone app secure access system.

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  • If you’re looking for quick, convenient and secure self storage facilities in and around Peterborough, look no further. Storing with Quick Self Storage couldn’t be easier:
    • Choose your ideal unit from our wide range of unit sizes from 15 sq FT to 250 sq FT
    • Get an instant online quote. We’re so affordable, we don’t mind being upfront about our storage costs. So you can get an instant quote without any rigmarole. 
    • Use our secure online booking system to book and pay for your unit and you’re set! 
    • Move in any time you like using our electronic and smart move-in service. 
    • Our storage unit facilities feature the latest keyless technology, which will provide you access 24 hour with the use of your own smartphone.

    Need packing materials?  Browse our online Box Shop for everything you need to pack and move with confidence.

Sports Equipment Storage in Peterborough

You can trust our experienced team to take good care of your sports gear by providing a highly secure, clean and pest-free storage facility protected by state-of-the-art 24hr CCTV surveillance, intruder alarm systems and sophisticated Smart access control systems that ensure only authorised customers can access the facility. All of our self storage units feature industry leading security with tamper and motion sensors, so you can store your sports equipment no matter how big or small with confidence. Storing everything from unicycles to skateboards, lacrosse sticks to curling brooms with us is so easy, you’ll have it all sorted in no time.

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Sports Equipment Quick Self Storage

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Sports Equipment Quick Self Storage

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