Have you been feeling like you just have too much stuff in your home? Maybe it’s seasonal sports equipment, festive decorations, family heirlooms, old school books and boxes of photos for example. They are all things that you want to keep, but you just don’t have the room to keep them. They could go in the loft or the garage, but then there is the risk of damage to those spaces or your belongings.

So, why not try a storage unit as a place to store your belongings that you need to keep safe! We have a comprehensive list on how to correctly pack a self storage unit.

Our storage units provide a solution to your long-term or short-term storage needs. But if you’re worried about how to pack or organise your storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington, help is at hand. In this blog post we share our tips and advice to pack a storage unit the right way. As storage experts, we certainly have some storage packing hacks up our sleeves. These will really help you make the most of your space and pack the storage unit the right way.

Inventory List

The first thing you need to do is create an inventory list. When you place lots of items in storage it is easy to forget what went into storage and what it was packed with. Of course, larger items such as beds and sofas are easy to remember. However, it’s those other things that can be forgotten. Things like artwork, photos, paintings, electronics and more. Further to that, when you do know they’re in storage the last thing you want to do is go through everything to find out which box.

To keep your items in storage straight and in order, an inventory list will really help. It should be a list of every single thing you place in storage. As you begin the packing process have your pen and paper ready to add to the list as you pack. You might want to take photos of the items and how they are stored too so you can find them easily in the future.

Make sure you write which boxes things are in as they go on your inventory list. This way if you just need one item, then you need where it is. You won’t need to take all the boxes out to go through them. Instead, you can just find the one box that you need. It’s a good idea to place a copy of this inventory list in the storage unit, and another one at home.

Use Clear Boxes

Cardboard boxes are great. Especially if they are the strong and sturdy ones. However, if you’re looking to take your storage packing to the next level, then clear boxes are the way forward. They do tend to be more expensive than standard cardboard boxes. But we think the extra cost is worth it and this is why.

Clear plastic boxes are often stronger and more stable than cardboard boxes. They are also clear. This makes it so easy to see what is inside each box. By knowing what is inside each box it makes it easier to find what you want, but also know how to stack them correctly, which is something we go into more detail about later in this blog post.

If you want to be able to stack your belongings effectively and find items quickly and easily – then spend the extra money on the clear plastic boxes instead of the cardboard boxes. We promise this will make things much easier in the short-term and the long-term.

Take Furniture Apart

The thing with self storage units in Peterborough and Darlington is that you pay for the space you use. This means that if you can pack things well and take up less room, you can pay less for your storage unit. One way of maximising your space in the storage unit is to disassemble your furniture and store the items upright.

Take apart all large furniture wherever you can. This includes bedframes, wardrobes, headboards and more. Even taking the legs off tables will help too. All the parts that you can disassemble from your large furniture will make storage easier for these items and the other items that you are placing in storage too.

By placing your furniture parts upright along the walls, you will free up more floor space for your other items. However, if there are items like tables and you can’t take the legs off, you can use them as extra shelving inside your storage unit. Place boxes under it and on top too. Just make sure the table is stable and can hold the weight, otherwise it might be best to put it on its side. This way your table and other belongings are safe and protected.

Heavy Items First

This is where the clear plastic boxes can really help as you can see what’s in them. However, if you have chosen to save money and use cardboard boxes make sure you label the boxes if they are heavy, or fragile.

When it comes to packing your storage unit, make sure you put the heavy items and boxes in first. Place these heavier belongings towards the back of the storage unit. Make sure they are at the bottom of any stacks too. This will create a stable base for your belongings to be stacked on top of.

By placing the heavier items at the bottom, you will also ensure that small boxes or lighter items will not be crushed when heavier items are placed on top of them. Further to this, packing your storage unit can be hard work. As an added bonus for you, the boxes and items will start to get lighter as your arms start to ache from packing your storage unit all day.

Frequently Used Items At The Front

There will be some items that you place in storage that you might need more than other items. This could be old family heirlooms that you want to keep but don’t need, for example. These could then go at the back of the storage unit. If you then have summer garden furniture or winter sports equipment, this could be placed at the front. That way you can get to it easily when you need it each season.

Some of our customer place their seasonal clothing in storage to keep it safe and protected, while giving them the extra space they need in their wardrobes at home. If this is something you are considering, then you could place these seasonal clothes items at the front so you can get to them with ease as the seasons change and you need to swap your clothes around.

The belongings that you will need to get to on a more regular basis should not only be placed at the front of the storage unit, but also well labelled. Pop them in a n easy-to-reach spot and label the boxes on the side with what is in each box. That way you can make sure you get exactly what you need without rooting around all the boxes each time you go to your storage unit.

Labels, Labels, Everywhere

We cannot stress how important labels are. The longer you leave things in storage the more likely labels are to fall off. This is why you need to ensure you have good quality labels. Further to this, we would recommend you label all sides of the boxes as well as the top of the boxes. This way you will know what is in the box, no matter which way round it is stacked.

You might think that you’ll remember what is in each box as they are your prizes possessions and cherished belongings, but you might not. This is especially the case when they are left in storage for a long length of time. Again, this is where clear plastic boxes will come in handy. However, if you can label the box with an idea of what is inside, eg: photo albums, kitchen utensils, winter clothes, etc – then this will make things that little bit easier.

Printed labels are a good idea or writing on the label with a permanent marker. This way the writing on the labels will be less likely to fade over time. You may want to use different coloured labels or coloured pens for different types of belongings or belongings owner by different people. This can make collection of items easier too. Just remember to make a note of what is in storage and where it is stored, along with other notes like colours or box size.

Don’t Forget

We would also like to share a few things that you should not forget when renting a storage unit in Darlington or Peterborough. One of these things is to check what you can and can’t place in your storage unit. Different self-storage facilities have different rules, so make sure you know what you can and can’t place in your storage unit.

Don’t forget to speak to our team about the size of storage unit you need. Remember that you only pay for the amount of storage you need. If you tell our team what you need to place in storage, we can recommend the right size of storage unit for your needs.

Wherever possible, use good quality packing supplies. Overtime low quality or damaged packing supplies will only become more damaged. In turn, this could result in your other items in storage becoming damaged. Remember that you will need to go inside and outside when placing your items in storage. We would recommend that you place all small electrics and cords inside waterproof plastic bags to keep them protected.


Packing a self-storage unit is not a tricky or difficult task, if you put some thought and planning into it. We hope these tips help you make the most of your space and help you pack your storage unit efficiently.

You can always call our team for more storage tips or to answer any questions you might have.