Business Storage that’s both Secure & Flexible

If you run and business and need some business storage space, we’re here to help. Our smart self storage facility features industry leading security features such as 24hr CCTV, motion sensors and customer notifications giving you complete peace of mind. Also, thanks to bluetooth technology you can access your business storage unit using your phone or a fob. No need to worry about keycaps or padlocks.

Our business storage contracts are super simple with no long term commitment and no hidden fees. Simply give us 1 week’s notice when you want to move out.

Quick Self Storage makes business storage simple and easy for you.

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Business Storage Quick Self Storage

Our industry leading security at Quick Self Storage and phone app means you know exactly what’s going on with your business storage unit 24/7. So you can rest easy.

Flexible, Monthly Bills

Unlike other storage companies, who like to charge every 4 weeks, Quick Self Storage bills monthly. This means that you’ll pay on the same date each month for more manageable business expenses.

No long term commitment

You can store for as little as 1 week or for as long as you want with Quick Self Storage’s business storage. All we ask is that you give us 1 week’s notice before you move out, making this business storage simple and easily managed.

Need more space?

If you suddenly realise that you need more business storage space (or less) you can simply switch to a different sized room. All be sorted in a matter of minutes by our storage team! Again, very easily managed business storage.

Business Storage Locations

Quick Self Storage has two excellent secure storage locations available for business storage purposes.

Whether you are needing storage for archives, records, annual marketing materials, trade show equipment, or other infrequently needed business items, Quick Self Storage has great business storage solutions for you.

One of the core reasons for getting reliable business storage is security. Any time customer records, or business records and archives are involved, secure storage for those items is crucial. With all the changes in privacy arising with records management from GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018, having somewhere well secured from prying eyes means that your business stays on the right side of legislation.

Good business storage also helps with workplace environment issues.

Secure business storage means that you can create a more open easier to move in, less cluttered, working environment. All of which helps improve staff morale, and thus productivity. So having good business storage can actually create some serious benefit for your bottom line, and increased profitability.

Secure Storage Locations Good For Business Storage:

Quick Self Storage Peterborough

Quick Self Storage Darlington

Quick Self Storage Liverpool

Quick Self Storage Nottingham

Archive Storage

The nature of running a business often means paperwork and archive materials begin to pile up over time, consuming important office space. Keep your archives safe in our secure state-of-the-art self storage lockers.

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Company Tools

Store all your excess trade company tools and equipment, including hand tools, workshop machinery or small earthmoving equipment, in our secure state-of-the-art weather-proof, pest-free and individually alarmed self storage units.

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Excess Product

If your business is growing fast and you find yourself with excess stock or product, we’ve got you covered with an easy and cost-effective way to store excess product in our secure state-of-the-art self storage lockers.

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Moving Office

Moving business locations can be incredibly stressful juggling packing, planning and moving of everything, which is why our secure, convenient and affordable self storage solutions are the right choice.

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Maximise your office space with storage

We’ve helped all sorts of businesses save space in their buildings

Business Storage Quick Self Storage
Archive Storage

Personal data is kept safe in our units. Our gated facility ensures that your documents remain secure.

Business Storage Quick Self Storage
Excess Product

Instead of stacking boxing in the corner of the office, store your excess stock with Quick Self Storage.

Business Storage Quick Self Storage
Company Tools

Safely and conveniently store unused company tools and equipment in one of our lockers or units.

Business Storage Quick Self Storage
Moving Office

Make your office move easier by storing items that you won’t need immediately, and sort through them at a later date.

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Flexible Storage designed for Businesses

Our business storage facilities in Peterborough and Darlington have been designed with businesses in mind. We’ve got a wide range of different storage unit sizes available and our industry leading security gives you complete peace of mind.

Thanks to our smart access control system you can share access with your colleagues and get full visibility of what’s going on with your storage unit. Your business storage unit even features tamper and motion sensors that’ll notify you if anything isn’t right. Properly secure business storage!

Every business storage unit has a a stable climate too. So whether you are storing paper invoices in cardboard archive boxes, products, business samples, or other things which are important to your business, even if not regularly needed, then they will be kept safely in the business storage facilities at Quick Self Storage.

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Do I have to pay business rates?

Great news, there are no business rates to pay when you use self storage for business storage purposes. You also don’t have to pay for any electricity usage. Simply pay for the amount of space you need and that’s it. Business storage solutions with Quick Self Storage can really help your business save money.

Do I need insurance?

As a member of the Self Storage Association we require all stored goods to be covered by suitable insurance. We can provide you with storage specific cover but you’re also welcome to arrange your own. So your business storage is properly covered as your main business location would be.

When can I access my unit?

Our self storage facility is open 7 days a week and we’ll eventually be going 24hrs giving you the freedom to access your business storage unit whenever you want! Making Quick Self Storage business storage solutions ideal whether you are running an international e-commerce business, or a business running to traditional hours.

Discover more tips on how to get the best of your storage when using business storage from Quick Self Storage.

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Business Storage Quick Self Storage
Business Storage Quick Self Storage