Self storage has never been the sexiest industry. However, self storage has always been used and needed by a lot of people for many different reasons. Research in America shows that one in ten households use or have used a self storage unit at one time. The figures are becoming more similar in the UK too, for various reasons.

In this blog post we look at just five of the reasons that self storage is on the rise.

Why Is Self Storage Popular?

There is a range of reasons that self storage has become popular, most of which revolve around changes in living standards, working practices and so much more.


The need for personal storage and business storage is growing all the time. People are using self storage units to store family heirlooms, items while they are renovating their homes and possessions while they go travelling. The reasons people use storage units is changing and growing all the time. In turn, this means that there is more demand for storage space. As the demand for storage units and cheap storage in Peterborough grows, as does the rise in storage facilities.

Newly Built Homes

While the main goal of homes used to be storage, this is no longer the case. The less storage facilities in a home, the smaller the home can be. This means that the developer can build more homes in the same space, which results in more money for them. However, the less storage space in a home, means that external storage space is needed. Many homes have loft conversions so extra rooms can be placed in the loft, but this means that even more storage space is lost. Again, this results in more people needing storage facilities, and the rise of storage units in the UK.

When you consider that more and more people are running home based businesses that they want to be more productive, or are working from home, and want to have less clutter so they can work more easily, lack of storage at home can be a big issue. Decluttering has a very positive effect on mental health, though without anywhere to put your things then you just end up throwing things out, this can be incredibly challenging for many. Especially when deciding what to do with things like heirlooms. Self storage increases options, and means that you have the ability to clear stuff from your home, without getting rid of it.

Better Storage Offerings

As the demand for storage grows, as do the storage facilities. With more storage facilities, there is more competition from storage companies wanting to be your first call for your storage needs. This has meant that new storage facilities offer additional features and benefits. From improved security, alarm systems, CCTV cameras and surveillance right through to correct temperature storage units, 24-hour access and unique key fobs per holder. These extra storage offerings may self storage units even more attractive to people looking to gain extra space in their homes.

Extra security is something that many find appealing when doing things like storing heirlooms, archives or business documents. These are all things that people either want, or need to keep, though few ever have the space to keep them at home or within the office. As a result, other storage options need to be explored, which mostly brings people to either getting a bigger place, be that a home or office, or arranging a self storage unit appropriately sized for their needs. Self storage can be very useful, and when it has quality security measures it can become a compelling solution for a number of situations.

Ease of Use

Cheap storage units in Peterborough previously meant strict times when you were allowed to enter your unit to collect or drop off items for storage. This became tricky for business people and also those companies needing business storage. Very few people want to put their items into storage and then have to plan when they can collect, add to or take things from storage. Having 24 hours personal access to your own stored possessions, 7 days a week has made self storage more popular as it is one of the large obstacles that used to be against storage units.

Location is Key

When storage units were few and far between people preferred not to use them. It wasn’t always possible to travel a few hours to put things in storage, and then travel there again to add to the storage or collect things from storage. In these cases, people made do with the possessions and belongings taking up space in the home or office. However, now there are more storage facilities nearer to the home or office, cheap storage in Peterborough is an attractive storage and space saving solution once more.

Self Storage Is On The Rise And It Is Worth Having

These are just the top five reasons self storage is on the rise, there are many other reasons why people are opting to use self storage. In general, the reason is because having a storage unit makes life easier in some way. Through eliminating clutter in the majority of cases. Even for businesses there are compelling reasons for using storage units, whether for storing archives and business records, or a safe controlled environment for excess product that needs to be stored safely. Whatever your situation in life, the likelihood is that having a storage unit within a secure self storage facility could prove you with some incredible benefit. Likely, that benefit will increase over time, making things easier for you as you move home, change business location, or go travelling overseas for an extended period of time.

Self storage is on the rise because it eliminates a vast number of problems, helping people live happier lives, and run more productive, more efficient businesses.

So, if you could benefit from cheap storage in Peterborough, call our team now to find out more, get a quote or book a viewing. Or, if you are in Darlington, contact our Darlington self storage facility.