Heirlooms can be prized family possessions, they can be challenging to keep though. Over the years we slowly begin to accumulate belongings in storage spaces throughout our own homes. As a loved one passes, we keep something that is dear to us and reminds us of them. Some things are left in wills for us, or it could be old photographs, medals, jewellery, clothing and even furniture that has come from a loved one’s home. However, while the items accumulate, the storage space in your home doesn’t. This can mean that the items we love and hold dear to our hearts, can quickly become annoying items that are in the way.

Whether you are holding onto these family heirlooms for sentimental reasons or maybe you just feel like you aren’t ready to part with them, our storage unit in Peterborough, or one of our storage units in Darlington if that’s closer, could be the perfect safe storage solution for you. 

Questions To Ask Yourself When Storing Heirlooms

Before you consider personal storage for your heirlooms there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

Why Am I Keeping This Heirloom?

Are you keeping the item because you love it, because someone asked you to have it, or because it was assumed you would want it? If you have a sentimental attachment to the heirloom, then you should definitely keep it. However, if you don’t love the item or feel any real attachment to it, don’t feel you have to keep it. You could offer it to other members of them family or sell it and give the proceeds to a charity close to your heart.

What’s This Hierloom’s Story?

While you might not be attached to the item, if it has an interesting family story to it, you may choose to keep it. For example, maybe it’s a collection of medals that your Great-Grandad won at war, in which case these are lovely things to have and pass down the family. But, if you have large bulky items in your home that have no sentimental value or story, you may want to consider letting them go.

Can I Store This Heirloom Safely?

If you are attached to the item, then it’s understandable that you want to store it safely. However, do you have the room to store it? If you have it on display are you sure it won’t get damaged? If it isn’t on display can you keep it preserved? This is where our climate controlled self-storage units in Peterborough and Darlington can come in really handy.

How To Prepare Your Heirlooms For Storage

How to Store your Heirlooms Safely Quick Self Storage

Image source: http://www.jewelrywise.com/just-for-you/article/turning-an-heirloom-into-a-new-design

Once you have answered those questions, you may come to the conclusion that you want to put your family heirlooms and antiques into a storage unit for ultimate safety. Whether it’s a lamp that has been passed down the generations or the special coffee table that you always remember your Grandma playing cards with you on, you want to keep them safe.

It can be tricky to store delicate items which is why you need to take your time. Our storage experts can help you with packaging materials and tips to ensure that your loved possessions are packaged and stored safely until you need them again.

Recommendations on Heirloom Storage

  • We recommend you put a list together of all the items that you are putting into storage. One list should be kept somewhere safe at home. Other lists should be placed in storage with the items. This way you will not need to un-package all the heirlooms to find the one you are looking for. This will help reduce the risk of damage to your treasured possessions.
  • Remember how bumpy your local roads can be. Take care to package your items carefully so they can arrive at the storage unit in Peterborough safely. Mirrors and artwork can be lined with cardboard to ensure corners and edges aren’t damaged. Packing tape is a great way to ensure that the packaging stays in place during the journey too.
  • Removing any loose or removable parts from the antique furniture is a great way to keep the items safe. This could include things like the legs from a sofa, the shade from a lamp or removable glass parts from a cupboard for example. They can then be put back together again safely when they arrive in storage.
  • If you are placing upholstered items into storage, it’s a good idea to wrap them in blankets and sheets. This will protect the items from damage, but also any dust or dirt that could be picked up on the journey to the personal storage facility. It’s a good idea to hold the sheets and blankets in place with some packing tape to avoid the sheets from blowing away. The packing tape will also offer extra protection.
  • While cardboard boxes may be easier to get hold of, we recommend sealed plastic containers. These will keep your belongings safer while they are in storage. It means you can safely stack the boxes without the fear of the weight damaging the items in boxes below. Using things like newspaper or bubble wrap to fill the gaps is a great way to keep these items safe during transport too.

Choosing The Right Self Storage For Your Family Heirlooms

How to Store your Heirlooms Safely Quick Self Storage

Peterborough Self Storage Facility

When you feel ready to put your family heirlooms and antiques safely in storage, make sure you choose a storage unit in Peterborough, Darlington, or near you, that you can trust. Check out the location of the storage unit and the security facilities they have. You may choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your items to keep them safe throughout the year. 

Here at Quick Self Storage, we have experience storing our client’s family heirlooms safely and securely. If you’d like to take a look at a storage unit where your loved possessions could be held, just give us a call and we will happily show you around. Heirloom storage is important to get right when you wish to preserve family memories, heritage, and things which are dear to you, we understand that and have helped many families with secure storage for their family heirlooms.