Lots of businesses use our local self storage facilities for their business storage and document storage. It’s a useful way of enabling your business to grow, without purchasing larger properties or working on a small space with boxes, documents and products everywhere.

In this blog post we look at some of the different ways that storage can help your business, specifically how self storage can help your business grow.

Many people dream of running their own business. However, for that dream to become a reality and lot of hard work, dedication, sweat and focus in needed. 

Business Storage to Free Up Space

When you’re selling items online, the biggest thing that can hold you back is storage. You want to get on selling a wide variety of clothes, toys, crafts and similar. However, due to a lack of space, you can only sell a limited range. Or, you can sell a wider range of items, but with longer delivery times because you need to order them in and then send them on. This can also result in higher prices because you are not able to order in bulk.

This is where our business storage facilities come in. You can place those larger bulk orders that get you huge discounts. You’ll also be able to offer a wider range of products to your clients and have all the space in your home or office that you need. You can use our self-storage facilities as your business storage. Just pop in when you went to top up on popular items.

Storing Excess Documents

Legal requirements in some industries mean that client documents need to be stored for up to 5 years and even longer in some cases. If you are working with a lot of clients, that’s a lot of documents to keep in your office, which can take up a lot of space.

Again, this is where we come in. You can use our local storage facilities for all your document storage needs. If you need to check a document at any time, you can come in and collect it at a time that suits you.

Our business storage facilities have CCTV and excellent levels of security, so your items and documents are safe in storage. We also offer 24-hour access so you can come and collect, drop off or check your items in storage at any time.

Storage Of Excess Product

Excess product needs to be stored carefully if it is to retain its value.

Every business has times where there is a known demand spike. These can be seasonal, such as around the Christmas period, or focused on more specific things like product launches. Each of these things can only yield maximum effect for businesses if those businesses have sufficient product on hand to actually meet demand. When you lack enough product to meet demand, then those buyers will go to your competitors. So having sufficient storage space is always wise.

With development in self storage facilities, modern self storage units have gained a level of security and climate control which makes them highly suitable for use as small scale warehousing for businesses. Security at self storage facilities is in many cases better than it is on most business premises now, with 24 hour CCTV, electronic locks that are paired with phones rather than keys, and security fencing helping create very high security. With air-conditioning being used throughout many self storage facilities those storage locations tend to have better climate control than the storage rooms used by most businesses. Altogether these things combine to make use of self storage facilities a wise thing when you have excess product to key in top condition.

Improving Productivity By Reducing Clutter

Most offices hit a point where things become cluttered. As soon as you have clutter in an environment stress levels go up, and productivity becomes adversely effected.

Business storage facilities help to reduce clutter by moving none essential things from the work place, decluttering has a measurable effect on mental health, it also helps to improve productivity partly through making it easier to find what you need more easily. Having a clean and clear environment does a lot to help businesses function in a better way. Efficiency is the easiest way to get more from any business, new thinking can help too. Using self storage facilities for business storage bring both those things together, meaning that business can be empowered in a big way.

Business Storage Provides A Variety Of Benefits For Modern Businesses

Business storage provides a lot of benefits for businesses, modern businesses especially. Traditional models of business have slipped away, with new practices bringing greater efficiency. Within those changing business practices have come changes to how storage is handled. The majority of modern businesses do not have warehousing, archives and other dedicated storage areas as a result. This is where self storage services such as Quick Self Storage come in, providing dedicated space which is secure, and comes in a variety of sizes. Allow businesses to flex and adapt their storage requirement as they grow and business conditions change. When you need more storage so you can adapt to an upcoming need, that’s easy. Likewise, if you have less requirement for storage space, then you can reduce to amount of business storage you are using. Flexible contracts help businesses to create more efficiency.

Here at Quick Self Storage, you can use our business and document storage facilities for as long or short as you need them, and you can hire as much or little space as you need too. Quick Self Storage can work with you to help your business grow, and create conditions that enable you to get the best of your business, and because storage is our speciality there is a lot we can do to help and advise. Quick Self Storage is ready to help you get the best of your business, by ensuring you have the right storage for your needs, so get in contact, you will be happy you did.