A self storage business is a place where you can hire a self storage unit. This could be a room, locker or container, for example. Here at Quick Self Storage we have a purpose-built warehouse which is a storage facility. This is a large building made up of individual storage units.

Who Can Use A Self Storage Business?

The great thing about a self storage business is that everyone and anyone can use it. If you are moving house you can use it in-between homes. Maybe you want to declutter for the sale of your house and viewings? Our self storage units are ideal for this. Having work done on your house and want to protect your furniture? Pop it in a storage facility until the house renovation is complete. Maybe you fancy taking a year out and travelling the world, you’re a student at university or you’re working away? A self storage business can offer a storage solution for all these reasons and more.

A self storage business can be used for business storage too. Maybe you have got a bargain by purchasing stock in bulk, but you have nowhere to store it at the business? Then use a self storage business and collect the stock as and when you need it. Some businesses use a self storage unit to store their seasonal goods and decorations. A storage unit can also be used for storing files and important documents that you need to keep for a set length of time, but rarely need.

What Is The Self Storage Business? Quick Self Storage

The Four Basic Types Of Self Storage Units

As you can see, there are various reasons that many different people and businesses require the services of a self storage business. Once you have decided that you need a self storage unit for your belongings, you need to decide what type of storage unit you need. There are four basic types of self storage and we look at these in more detail below.

  1. Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

Climate controlled self storage units are available within all-enclosed buildings with multiple levels. These types of self storage businesses are able to offer spaces to suit your storage needs, big or small. Just like our storage units in Darlington and Peterborough, each climate controlled self storage unit has the temperature and humidity controlled. This allows for your belongings to be kept safely and securely. If you have items that you need to place in storage, such as upholstered furniture, electronics, collectables, family heirlooms, seasonal clothing and important documents, for example, then a climate controlled self storage unit would be ideal for you and your belongings.

As well as being climate controlled, these types of self storage businesses will also offer more security for your belongings in storage. You will often find that the self storage business offers keypad entrance, CCTV surveillance cameras and more. This is all done to add to the security and protection of your belongings.

  1. Non-Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

Non-climate controlled self storage units will often be cheaper than climate-controlled storage units. However, it also means that your items could be less protected. You will need to think carefully about the items you place in a non-climate controlled storage unit and if they could become damaged if the unit was to get too hot, cold or wet, for example. Non-climate controlled self storage units will tend to be a row of garages. The benefit of this is that you can drive right up to the unit and fill it with the items you want to put in storage. However, the elements and weather could negatively affect the items that you have placed in the non-climate controlled self storage unit.

If you were to store paper documents, photos, books, wood items or fabric and materials, this could result in damaged belongings. This is also the case for certain metals and sensitive materials too. That said, non-climate controlled self storage units are ideal for outdoor furniture, heavy tools and sporting equipment for example. It is important to note that the security levels are much lower for non-climate controlled self storage units than climate controlled self storage units too, so think carefully about what you are placing in storage and how safe you want it to be.

Portiable Storage Container

If you have space at your home or business and need no access to the items that you place in storage, then a portable container storage may be ideal for you. A portable container self storage company will deliver a storage container to your home or business. This is then left on your property to place your storage items into it. Once you have safely packed your belongings into the storage container, you call the company. They then come and collect the storage container and store it in your warehouse.

The most important thing to note about a portable storage container as your storage solution is that you can not gain access to your belongings on a regular basis. Instead, when you need an item from the storage container, the whole container will be returned to your property. Portable container storage is also not climate controlled, so if your belongings need protecting in this way, then this storage solution is not recommended.

Information Management Storage Services

There are also some self storage businesses that offer an information management storage service. This style of self storage business will come to your business when you require and collect the requested files from your office. The self storage company will then transport the documents safely and securely to their climate-controlled warehouse. You can then request that boxes of files are returned as and when you need them.

This type of self storage company will only store paper files and business documents. As an individual, and not a business, this style of storage business may not be ideal for you. It cannot be used to store belongings such as furniture and equipment. Instead, information management storage services are purely for paper documents and files.


As you can see from the above, not all self storage businesses ate the same. This is great because not all items will require the same level of storage, climate control, delivery service and security. Have a think about what you are placing in storage and the level of storage you require. If you’re not sure of the best self storage solution for you and your belongings, call our team. We will happily talk you through the storage options to help you choose the best one for your needs.