Have you found that you are running out of space in your home? Maybe every room feels cramped and most of it is stuff you just don’t need? Is the loft full of items and you’re worried about the weight causing damage to your home? Perhaps the office is full to the brim with paperwork and files that are being kept in case of an emergency? Maybe shelves of the warehouse and jam-packed with seasonal stock that isn’t needed for another 9 months?

Whatever the reason you feel that you don’t have enough space, we believe that self-storage is your saviour. Here at Quick Self Storage we have a storage facility in Peterborough. You can use our Peterborough storage unit for any storage needs you have. Whether it’s old furniture passed down the family line, or business documents that need to kept safe for a set amount of time, our Peterborough storage unit can help you get back the space in your home or business that you need.

Self storage can also be known as do-it-yourself storage. You hire the storage space from us, and you are free to use it to store what you need. This means you can hire a van and fill the space in one go or do trips in the car every now and again when something needs to go into storage.

Our self storage facilities are safe, secure, easily accessible, clean and dry. Pretty much everything you would need from a self storage unit.

In this article we look at the different types of storage facilities and how they might work for you.

Warehouse Storage

One option for your storage facility is warehouse storage. This is what we offer here at Quick Self Storage in Peterborough. It is a large warehouse divided into individual rooms. These individual rooms are called ‘units’. You can then hire a unit that suits the size of your storage needs.

Warehouse storage facilities are well-managed and conveniently located. They are also safe and secure. You will find that this type of storage facility offers more comprehensive services than other storage options. This includes 24-hour security, access and availability as well as temperature-controlled storage units. The main disadvantage of warehouse storage is the price. Due to the added extras and high levels of security, warehouse storage will often be the most expensive type of self-storage.

Container Storage

Container storage is commonly known as metal shipping containers. These are often seen on TV, on police crime shows and in action movies. Metal shipping containers can be available in sizes of up to 160 square feet. These can also be divided into smaller storage units. Container storage units will often be placed within a secure perimeter. Users of container storage will then park next to the container to unload the possessions they are placing into storage. If you have space around your property, some container companies offer container hire so you can have container storage on your own land.

The main advantage of container storage is its low price. However, it does come with its disadvantages. For example, exposed containers can suffer from the effects of the weather. They can become very hot in summer and very cold in winter. There is also the risk of dampness in your container storage throughout the year. If you are using container storage as your storage solution in Peterborough, think carefully about the items you are storing and how you will protect them.

Lockups Or Garages

Garages are often known as lockups when it comes to self-storage. It is where a set of purpose-built garages are offered as storage units if the owner does not require them. The dimensions of lockups and garages are not overly generous, especially when considering other storage facility options. They tend to offer around 124 square feet of storage. 

The main disadvantage of garages and lockups as a storage solution is that they don’t offer great levels of security. The level of security is limited to the quality of the garage door and the crime levels in the local area. However, they offer easy access and will usually be cheaper than warehouse storage solutions.

Removal Depositories

Some removals companies have their own storage facilities. These are known as removal depositories and are not really classed as self-storage. It is a location where a removals company can store the belongings of their client in between house moves. This storage facility will often be located out of town. It will have high levels of security and the conditions will be controlled too.

The advantage of a removal’s depository is that they are often available for a good price when bolted onto the removals company costs. It also means that the removals company will take full charge of the transportation, removal and delivery of your belongings. However, the disadvantage of removals depositories is that you may not be able to gain access to your belongings while they are in their storage. If you are able to gain access to your belongings, it is likely you will be charged a fee per visit too. They will also be located in areas that are often hard to reach via public transport or public access is restricted.

Overview Of Storage For Business, Personal and More.

Our storage units in Peterborough are utilised and enjoyed by homeowners, renters, small businesses, large businesses, people that are relocating or working from home, college students and more. The storage units give our customers the extra space they need in their own homes or businesses. From confidential paperwork, reports and files, through to family heirlooms, seasonal decorations, holiday items and sports equipment – we really can store it all.

If you are looking to get back the space in your home or business, the decision you need to make is what storage facility is best for you. We have listed four of the most common types of storage solutions in Peterborough. You just need to take the time to think about what you need to store, how much space you need and how secure your belongings need to be. It’s a good idea to look at costs, but security will often be the most important consideration to ensure that your belongings are safe. We also have our Darlington storage facility if you are living in that area.

Not sure if warehouse storage is right for your possessions? Give us a call. We can answer any queries you have and show you around our storage facilities in Peterborough.