There are many different self storage options for those looking for extra space in their homes or businesses. One of these is mobile self storage. While this isn’t a storage service we offer, it is still good to be aware of it as it is very similar to the self storage facilities that we offer.

In this blog post we look at what self storage is and what’s meant by self-storage along with the 4 main types of storage facilities. This will help you understand which storage facility is best for you and your belongings.

So, let’s get started.

What Is Mobile Storage?

Mobile storage is a different form of traditional self storage options. You will have a unit delivered to your home or business and you can then place your belongings into it. The mobile storage company will then collect the storage unit and take it to a secure facility. It will be kept in this secure facility for as long as you need. When you need your belongings returned to you, you can call the company and they will return the entire unit to you so you can take out the belongings you need.

Just like our self-storage units, mobile storage containers come in a wide range of sizes to suit your storage needs.

What Is Secure Self-Storage?

Secure self storage is a self-storage unit where you can store your possessions. These units are in a secure storage facility, so you know they are safe, secure and protected. You are in full control of your belongings and can store your belongings for as long as you require. You will have full access to your secure self-storage unit. This means that you can add more things or take things out of storage as and when you choose.

Using a secure self-storage unit over storage items at home will offer you an extra level of security. This is because there will be 24-hour security. This security is in the form of security guards, fencing, gates, locked doors, access controls, locks and CCTV.

Mobile Storage Vs Secure Self-Storage

The biggest benefit when comparing mobile storage to self storage is access to your belongings. You can pop to your secure storage unit whenever you require. This could be during the working day, evenings or weekends. You can grab or drop off what you need and carry on with your day.

When it comes to mobile storage, it can be a little trickier because it will need to be driven to you, which means timing isn’t as flexible. You will also have all the belongings delivered to you, not just the possessions or belongings that you need.

If you are storing multiple belongings, then a secure self-storage unit will work better for you. However, if you are storing one large item such as a car, boat or caravan for example, then mobile storage could work better for you.

What are the four types of storage facilities?

Once you have decided that you need more space in your home or business and self-storage is the best solution for you, you need to think about which type of self-storage locations are best for you and your storage needs. After all, everyone has different needs from their storage unit and different things to store.

As we said, there are 4 main types of storage facilities. While they generally all offer the same service, there are some differences that make them stand out to different people requiring storage. Think about what you need to place in storage and what you requite from the storage unit. This will help ensure that you choose the best storage unit for your individual needs.

Below we share the 4 types of self storage facilities and reasons people use them. Have a read and decide which type of storage facility will work better for you.

Climate controlled self storage facilties?

Climate controlled self storage units are often available within enclosed buildings. These can often have multiple levels and many people’s items will be stored in the units within the facility. The climate controlled self storage facilities will include self storage units of varying sizes. This is so every user can hire the storage space that they need for their belongings and requirements.

All of the units within the climate controlled self storage facilities are temperature and humidity controlled. This means that regardless of the weather or temperature outside, your belongings will stay safe and secure from rain, cold or hot weather.

Access to the self storage units within the climate control self storage facility will be limited to authorised users. The entire facility will be closely monitored and secured. You will find that there are high-definition CCTV security cameras throughout the facility. These are monitored and alarmed to ensure efficient security of your belongings and all units.

When you use climate controlled self storage facilities you will have regular and flexible access to your belongings. This could be through the night, early mornings, during normal working hours or at weekends and evenings for example.

It’s like your own garage for example, you can gain access to your belongings when you choose as you will have access to the storage facility and your own secure storage unit. This means that you can add or take things out of your secure storage as and when you choose. There is no limit other than the space. If you start running out of space, we can help upgrade you to a larger unit to better suit your needs

Climate controlled self-storage facilities are often used for standard home or business storage needs. These include things like upholstered furniture, sports equipment, collectables, family heirlooms, important documents, large furniture, seasonal items, garden items, clothing and more.

These are the self storage units that we have available for use in both Darlington and Peterborough. Climate controlled self storage facilities tend to be the most popular self-storage facilities due to the benefits they offer, and the fact they are cost effective storage solutions for the long or short-term.

What Is Mobile Storage? Quick Self Storage

Darlington Quick Self Storage Interior

Non-climate controlled self storage facilties

Units within non-climate controlled self storage facilities tend to be of a lower cost than units within climate controlled self storage facilities. This is because a lower level of protection is available to your belongings in storage against the weather, temperature and elements.

You will often find that non-climate storage is a row of garages. Instead of the self-storage units being inside a facility, they are outside. This is why they are non-climate-controlled secure self storage units.

The advantage of non-climate controlled self-storage facilities is that you can often drive your door right up to the entrance of your individual unit. This makes placing your belongings into storage much easier.

One of the biggest disadvantages of non-climate controlled self storage facilities for users is the temperature and humidity of the unit. This means that the space is not cooled in the summer or heated in the winter for example. This can result in heat or water damage to your belongings. If you have soft furnishings, paper, cardboard, fabric or items of certain metals, these are classed as sensitive materials and can become damaged in non-climate controlled self storage units.

If you are looking to store heavy tools, cars or bikes, sports equipment or garden furniture, for example, then non-climate controlled self storage facilities are ideal for your storage needs. However, if you are storing other items or belongings that are more sensitive, then non-climate controlled self storage units probably won’t be the best storage solution for your belongings.

Portable container storage facilties?

Portable container storage facilities are another term for mobile storage. This is where a storage container is delivered to your home or business. You can then take your time to fill the storage container with the belongings of your choice. Once you have placed everything you want into the storage container, you call up the company and they will come and collect the storage container for you and take it away to their private location.

The main disadvantage of portable container storage facilities is that access to your belongings is limited and not flexible. You need to call the company to have the storage container delivered back to your property. You can then take out what you need or place in the extra items. The company will then need to be called again to collect and return your storage container.

Another disadvantage of portable container storage units for your self-storage needs is that they are not climate controlled. As with non-climate controlled self storage units, this means that you need to carefully consider what you are putting in storage to ensure it will not be damaged by heat, cold or humidity.

If you need climate-controlled storage, regular or even repeatable access to your possessions then portable container storage facilities is not ideal for you. They are ideal for those looking to store one or a few large items that they will not need to get to anytime soon and can be flexible with their time. Users of portable container storage units will also need space near their property for the storage container to be placed while it is being filled.

Information management storage services

Information management storage services are more commonly used by businesses that need storage for documents and contracts. There are laws in place that require businesses within some industries to keep important or confidential paperwork for a set amount of time. This can be tricky for businesses with smaller premises.

A company offering information management storage services will collect the files, documents and paperwork from your chosen location. These documents, files and paperwork will then be delivered safely to a climate-controlled storage unit in a warehouse. The documents, files and paperwork will be placed in boxes by you. These boxes can then be return delivered at your request.

Storage facilities like these will not store other belongings such as sports equipment, furniture and more. They will just store files, paperwork and other similar documents. This is an ideal storage solution for businesses with lots of paperwork that has to be kept for a set amount of time and is not needed to be reviewed regularly.

Which of the 4 types of storage facilities is right for you?

As you will have seen from the four different types of secure self storage facilities that are available, there is a lot to think about. It is important to remember that not all possessions going into storage will require the same space and features. This is why you need to make the right decision with regards to the items that you are putting onto storage. Think about the level of protection that your belongings require, and the budget you have available for storage.

Making the wrong choice when it comes to the four different types of secure self storage facilities can result in you wasting money on levels of protection that aren’t required or leaving your prizes possessions unprotected and at risk of damage.

Call our team now and we can tell you about our climate controlled self storage units in Darlington and Peterborough. We can show you around our climate controlled self storage units if you’d like. This way you can rest assured that you are making the right decision for your storage needs.