We are all familiar with the busy nature of family life, brimming with activities, moments of joy, and, let’s be honest, an abundance of possessions. From toys and sports equipment to seasonal decorations and sentimental items, our homes can quickly become overrun.

However, there’s an effective solution that can help you reclaim your space and bring a sense of organisation and tranquility to your home: self storage. Let’s explore how utilising a self storage unit can assist in creating a more streamlined and child-friendly living environment.

Why Consider a Self Storage Unit?

First of all why would you even think about getting a self storage unit?

Here are some of the reasons that may apply to you.

  • Decluttering
    With kids around, clutter seems to multiply overnight. A storage unit helps you keep only what’s necessary at home and store the rest.
  • Seasonal Swap
    Those holiday decorations and out-of-season clothes can take up a lot of space. Rotate items in and out of storage as needed.
  • Keep Valuable Items Safe
    Keep delicate or potentially dangerous items (like tools or heirlooms) out of the reach of busy little hands.
  • Peace of Mind
    An organised home can reduce stress for the whole family, not only making it easier to keep clean, but also to relax and enjoy your time together.

Make Space for Family Life Using Self Storage Quick Self Storage

Which Items to Store?

What would you put into your storage unit? Here are some kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) ideas.

  • Toys and Games
    Rotate toys in and out of storage to keep things fresh and exciting for your kids without overcrowding your home.
  • Clothing
    Store out-of-season clothes or hand-me-downs for future use. This keeps closets manageable and makes mornings smoother.
  • Sports Equipment
    Those soccer balls, cricket bats, and hockey sticks can have a home away from home, especially in the off-season.
  • School Projects and Art
    Preserve your kids’ precious masterpieces without cluttering up your living space.
  • Christmas Decorations
    Free up attic or garage space by storing these items until needed.
  • Baby Gear
    If you plan on growing your family, keep the crib, high chair, and other baby essentials stored safely until you need them again.

Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Organised and Kid-Friendly

Here are some easy steps you can follow to make the most of your storage unit and ensure it’s as kid-friendly as possible.

  1. Label Everything
    Clearly labelled containers and boxes will help you find what you need quickly. Consider using colour-coded labels for different categories, e.g. a different colour for each child.
  2. Use Clear Bins
    Transparent bins let you see what’s inside without opening every single one when you need to locate something.
  3. Involve the Kids
    Make it a family activity. Let the kids help decide what goes into storage and what stays. It teaches them about organisation and decision-making.
  4. Pack Your Storage Unit Mindfully
    Store frequently used items near the front of the unit. Seasonal or less-needed items can go towards the back. Be sure to leave an aisle down the middle when packing your storage unit to enable you to easily access anything in your storage unit.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

When picking a storage unit, consider these factors to ensure it’s suitable for your family’s needs.

  1. Size
    Ensure the unit is large enough to hold everything you plan to store but not so large that you’re wasting space (and money).
  2. Location
    Choose a self storage unit nearby that is close to home for easy access.
  3. Security
    Look for a self storage facility with good security measures like surveillance cameras, secure locks, and strictly controlled access. These will go a long way towards ensuring that your belongings are safe.
  4. Insurance
    Check whether your stored items are included in your household insurance policy. Otherwise, take out extra insurance to give you peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Using a self storage unit can be a game-changer for family life. It helps you keep your home organised and safe, and your family stress-free. Plus, it can make your living space more enjoyable for everyone. So, take a deep breath, consider what you could move to storage, and start making your home the kid-friendly haven you’ve always wanted it to be for them.

Quick Self Storage

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