Business storage has become problematic for many modern businesses. While commonly people think lack of storage space is just an issue for homeowners, many business owners struggle with a lack of space too. Business spaces, especially when looking at rented commercial or retail space, can be expensive, and few business owners want to take up such valuable space with storage areas, it just doesn’t make economic sense. So different storage solutions need to be found for a myriad of business storage issues, so that the business can function within the framework of new legislation, keep up with supply and demand, as well as operate efficiently and generate reasonable profits. The fact that self-storage facilities offer a safe, convenient and affordable space for business storage makes it incredibly attractive. 

One of the most common reasons that business owners use business storage facilities is if the business is downsizing. However, there are other reasons too. 

Archiving And Business Document Storage

There are lots of legal documents, contracts and accounts that need to be kept for a set amount of time, but these can take up a lot of space. Our storage facilities offer the perfect office space saving solution. All the documents are kept safe and secure, and they’re available in a storage centre when they’re needed. Because of the current legislation on privacy protection, storing records is required for several years, though few businesses would actually want to store the hard copies of records needed for that period of time in their office. While GDPR and the other privacy regulations are good for us on a personal level, they can create a complex and challenging situation for a lot of businesses. By having off-site business storage, where old records can be archived prior to disposal, is a very cost effective way to overcome many of those challenges.

Our business storage units can help companies of all shapes and sizes minimise their overheads. It’s much more cost-effective than expanding the warehouse. This is especially the case if the extra storage space isn’t needed throughout the year, but on more of a seasonal basis for example.

Business and Self Storage Quick Self Storage

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The great thing about storage units for businesses is that it can ease some of the stresses and worries that many growing businesses face. Here at Quick Self Storage there are lots of businesses that use our storage facilities in Peterborough, and for different reasons too.

Product Storage With Pre-Sales

For example, publishers and book dealers will use our storage space to store large orders of books that are waiting to be sold. Bulk buy discounts are also available to the construction industry, and it can work out cheaper to buy in bulk and store the items in storage facilities until they are needed. Our storage comes in handy for construction companies when stock has been ordered but a project has been put back too!

Retail and e-commerce businesses will often use our storage facilities as a backup space to store seasonal items at different times of the year. For example, Christmas items before the festive countdown and when there is no room in their warehouse until the summer products have been sold or put back into storage until next year.

Business Storage For Seasonal Items

Restaurants and catering businesses will also use our storage facilities from time to time. This could be for their extra tables and chairs for outdoor events or larger events inside. They also store seasonal decorations in our storage units and their business accounts too. Some restaurants and catering businesses will store their extra crockery and glassware in our storage units, as a backup for large events or breakages.

If you have business storage needs and want to know how we can help, just give our team a call. We can talk about the items you have and the storage space you require. We can even show you around the storage facility if you’d like or you can book online. There are numerous benefits for using secure self storage for businesses, talking with us could well open your eyes to opportunities for business improvement that you had not previously considered.

Work From Home Businesses

Business can also mean a work from home business. Many of home based businesses have sprung up since 2019, with many people wanting the security of a side business, or a small business they can grow into a lifestyle business as time goes on. while working from home can be great, it can also bring a lot of challenges, not least through the lack of storage for products and records.

People working from home with home based businesses often end up with boxes of goods blocking rooms and hallways, leading to far from comfortable living conditions, it does get stressful maneuvering around clutter. It may not be so bad if you live on your own, or if it just for a short time. Though when you live with a family it can cause friction with family members. Even if you have your own place, keeping stacks of boxes around the place can become a challenge on a mental health level. Having business storage that’s appropriate to your business size can help you to feel more at ease, more inspired to actually achieve success with your business. As you focus better, your business achieves more, so dedicated storage does bring real benefit.

Self Storage Can Help Your Business Grow

There are so many business benefits that come from having appropriate storage. Whatever the size of your business, there is a storage option available from Quick Self Storage which will enable your business to perform better. As your business performs better, business growth becomes easier to achieve.

Quick Self Storage has facilities in Peterborough and Darlington that are ready to help you if you are a business owner in those locations, or near to them. Quick Self Storage staff are always friendly, knowledgable and helpful, so you get an expert storage team that will help you achieve more through using self storage units for your business storage solution.