Just like the various sizes of items you may put in storage, storage units come in various sizes too. Whether you need short-term storage while you’re moving house or redecorating, or longer-term storage while you’re travelling the world, we can help. We have a storage unit size for every need. 

But, how do you know what size storage unit you need? In this blog post we share with you what you can fit in different storage unit sizes when storing your items at our Peterborough self storage facility. It’s important that you don’t pay for more space than you need. But you also don’t want to have everything crammed in and not have enough room for the last box or two.

A General Overview Of Storage Unit Sizes

  • A Locker is equivalent to the size of a school locker. It will hold around 4 standard size boxes on top of each other. It is the smallest storage solution we offer.
  • A 10 square foot space is the next size up. This is the equivalent to the size of a change room. It will hold around the same amount as one normal car. People will generally store around 20 standard size boxes in this space.
  • 16 square feet is the next storage unit size. It’s the same size as a double wardrobe. It can be filled with an estate car and will hold between 20 and 25 standard size boxes.
  • Our 25 square foot storage units will hold around 40 standard packing boxes. They are around the size of a quarter of your garage. You will need a transit van to fill this size storage in one trip.
  • The 35 square foot storage unit is the next size up. It’s the equivalent of a third of a garage and will hold around 60 cardboard boxes. A transit van will enable you to fill a storage space of this size in a single trip.
  • Our 50 square foot storage units are the largest space that can be filled with one transit van trip. They are the equivalent of a one-bedroom flat and will hold around 100 cardboard boxes.
  • We have a selection of self-storage units in Peterborough between 50 and 75 square feet. These are ideal for a two-bedroom flat or home. You will need a low wheelbase transit van to be able to fill this storage space in one trip. It will hold approximately 100-150 standard-sized packing boxes.
  • Next up is our selection of storage units for two or three-bedroom flats or houses. These are between 75 and 100 square feet. They will hold between 150 and 200 standard cardboard boxes. You will need a Luton van to be able to fill this storage space in just one trip.
  • Our 100-125 square foot storage spaces are better suited to three-bedroom homes. They will hold between 200 and 230 cardboard boxes. To fill this storage space in just one trip, you will need a 7.5-tonne truck. 
  • Looking for storage for a two-bedroom house and a shed? Then you’ll need our 125 – 150 square feet storage units. They will hold around 230 to 250 standard boxes. You will need a 7.5-tonne truck to fill a space of this size in just one trip.
  • The 150 – 175 square feet storage units will hold the equivalent of a four-bedroom home. This is around 250 to 280 storage boxes. To fill this space in just one journey you will need a 20-foot container.
  • The largest of our most popular storage unit sizes is the 175-200 square feet storage units. These storage units will hold the same amount as a five-bedroom home, roughly. This is around 280 to 300 storage boxes. If you were looking to fill this storage space in just one journey, you would need a 20-foot container.

It is likely that it will not just be storage boxes that you place in your storage. However, the above should give you a rough idea of how large the storage space is and what it will hold. Below we have gone into more detail about the size of our Peterborough self storage units. We also talk about the general uses for self storage spaces of this kind. This should help you better understand the right storage unit size for you and your belongings.

Storage Lockers

These are the smallest of our storage spaces in Peterborough. They are very popular among students looking to store their university content somewhere the same when they move back home for the summer. These are also effective storage spaces for temporary home offices. This space will fit a box of your belongings, a bag or two, your computer and your monitor.

16 Square Foot / 1.4 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

This storage size is often used as an attic overfill. It will hold a few items or around 4 boxes. It will have a minimum height of 7 feet so large items can be stored upright in this space too. The space available is around the same as an estate car.

25 Square Foot / 2.3 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

If you can picture a traditional telephone box or a small hardened shed, this is roughly the same size as this storage space. This storage space is ideal for people moving from a small apartment without huge amounts of large furniture. The storage unit has a high ceiling, so taller items, like wardrobe contents, can be stored in a unit of this size.

35 Square Foot / 3.2 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

These self storage spaces are around the same size as a one-bedroom studio flat. You could fill the space with the contents of a small van. This storage space is commonly used by construction workers or builders needing additional space for their machinery or tools. However, this is the perfect sized unit for both domestic and business use. If you are looking for personal storage, it will hold up to 60 standard size boxes.

50 Square Foot / 4.6 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

If you are clearing out your garage space to finally use it as a space to store your car, or as an extra room for your home, then this is the perfect storage space for you. This space is also ideal for people moving out of a one-bedroom flat that have multiple items of large furniture. Some small businesses find this storage size ideal for holding seasonal stock. They may also use it for extra stock that got in bulk-buy deals.

75 Square Foot / 7 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

The 75 square metre storage units tend to be one of our most popular Peterborough self storage units. It’s an ideal space for people that are moving from a two-bedroom house. We also commonly rent out this space to people that are renovating their homes and need temporary storage until the work is done. The space can also work well for a large stock room for a local business. The space can easily be filled with two full transit vans as it will hold up to 150 medium-sized storage boxes.

100 Square Foot / 9.3 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

This storage unit is the size of a standard garage. Many of our storage customers will use this space as a second garage for seasonal items like Christmas decorations, ski equipment, BBQs and summer garden furniture. However, this storage unit size is also ideal for people moving from a larger two-bedroom home, or a smaller three-bedroom home. If you are clearing out an office this is also a good-sized space. It will hold around 200 medium-sized storage boxes.

125 Square Foot / 11.6 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

If you have a larger three-bedroom house that you are moving from, then we would recommend this storage unit for you. It gives you the extra space for larger furniture such as beds, chests of drawers and wardrobes for example, as well as any larger kitchen items. You are looking at around three Luton vans as the amount of self-storage space you will have. This is around 230 medium boxes, for example.

150 Square Foot / 14 Square Metre Storage Space (approximately)

This space is the equivalent of a 20-foot shipping container. If you are an online trader looking for someone to store your stock, this could be the perfect solution for you. A storage unit of this size will hold approximately 250 medium sized boxes; imagine how much stock that could be for your business! This space is also ideal for people moving out of a three or four-bedroom home. The space could even be large enough to safely store your garage or shed items too. 

While these are the most common storage unit sizes, we can offer much larger storage units. If you call our team and explain what you need to put in storage, we can recommend the best size of secure storage for your needs.

No matter the storage unit size, all of our storage units feature CCTV surveillance 24-hours a day and 7-days a week. Your storage unit will be individually armed. This is to ensure that your belongings, no matter their value, will be stored safely and be secure. We can store your personal or business belongings safely for you.

Want to know more about our Peterborough self-storage units? Call our team now. We can answer any questions you have over the phone, or show you around our storage facilities so you can see the sizes we are talking about.