When you think about spring, you will often think about the annual spring clean. However, you’ll not often think about business, or the office, when it comes to a spring clean. Instead, you’ll be thinking about the kitchen, the lounge, the shed and even the loft. But the office rarely comes into mind when you think about the big spring clean.

However, with research showing that many of us spending around 40 hours a week in the office, longer than we spend awake at home then maybe you should be thinking it’s time for an office spring clean. 

There have been lots of studies that show a clean office will not only boost productivity in the workplace, but also increase motivation for employees and give a sense of clarity to the office. 

Why not make now the time for an office spring clean so you can boost your mood with a tidy space and a tidy mind?

In this blog post we have put together some top tips, ideas and ways that you can give your office a spring clean ready to attack the next season for business success.

Decluttering The Desks

Now is the time to declutter. You’ll have piles of ‘stuff’ that you no longer need. This could be receipts that need to be logged and have just been piling up on your desk. Perhaps it’s multiple to-dos lists with some things crossed off and others outstanding. Is it junk mail that you haven’t quite got to? Every office has a build-up of clutter so use the spring clean as an opportunity to declutter the office space. 

Work through the piles of paperwork as to what you need to keep, bin or do something with. Buy some ring binders for the office to help keep everything more organised. If there is paperwork in the office that you don’t need to look at, but needs to be kept for legal reasons, why not pop it in business storage facilities in our Peterborough or Darlington? This way it is kept safe and secure, but it’s not taking up space in the office.

Clearing Out Drawers

When you ask your team to declutter their desks, you may find that the drawers quickly become very cluttered. Just as you have decluttered the desks, the same needs to be done for the drawers. There could be absolutely anything crammed in the drawers. From out-of-date cereal bars, old magazines, outdates flyers or business cards and more. Chances are that they’ll be important documents muddled up with less important documents. These need to be better organised.

A drawer organiser or document folders could be a great way to organise all these documents and paperwork in your drawers. You could have important files, client files and a file for personal paperwork too. The better organisation you have in place, the easier it will be to rid clutter from the office going forward. Your documents will be better organised going forward and you’ll be able to find exactly what you need whenever you need it.

PC Clean Up

When we say PC clean up, we don’t just mean giving it a good clean with the spray and duster. We also refer to the PC itself. The documents, pictures and files you have saved to your PC. When was the last time you cleared out the out-of-date files and emptied the recycling bin on your computer? You’ll be amazed at how many things you have saved that you don’t need, but also how fast your computer will run without them! Take the time to organise files and documents into folders too. This way it will look tidier for you and files will be easier to find too.

Look at the software that is downloaded onto your computer too. It could be games, downloads or apps for example. Some of which you haven’t used for years or only had to use once for a specific project. Take this opportunity to go through all the software and see when you last used it. If it’s no longer needed, then delete it. Again, it will make your computer run a lot faster, and if you do need it again in the future you can just download it again.

Rearrange The Office

Once everything has been decluttered give it a thorough clean. This includes desks, inside drawers and filing cabinets too. Now the office is clean and clutter free, it’s time to rearrange the workplace and reorganise. If you have a new binder full of paperwork that you need to keep close to hand, maybe bring s bookshelf into the office for extra storage. 

As you’re moving furniture around and reorganising the office, ask yourself if the furniture is still needed. If you have spare desks for future growth, but they’re taking up space, then why not out them in business storage units in Darlington or Peterborough. This way you will have some space back, but you have the desks or furniture when you need them.

You may also come across boxes of documents that need to be kept for legal reasons, but they’re not needed in the office and actually make the space look messy. Again, why not use our business storage facilities in Darlington or Peterborough to give you the much-needed space in your office, while meeting legal requirements?

If you’d like to know more about business storage solutions, then please contact our team. We will happily answer any questions you have and can even show you round our business storage facilities if you would like.