Many of us dream of taking off, if only for a few months, and experience living on the road. This could be to travel the British coast, the cities of the UK, drive across Europe or travel around the world. Living on the road is a pipedream for so many people, but why not make it a reality for you? Nobody wants to grow old with “What If’s” so take the chance now, while you still can!

No matter how, when or where you are starting your journey, you’ll need to think about packing. There are certain things you’ll need, and you’ll know them straightaway. However, there are other things you may not have considered. In this blog post we give you the ultimate road trip packing list to make sure you don’t forget a thing!

Packing The Kitchen

Before packing to go, look at the items you are using ands how often you use them. The items that you use all the time need to come with you. Those items, like the sandwich toaster or popcorn maker that are used once in a blue moon, need to stay put. Start thinking about one pot meals too and maybe buy some ‘One Pot’ recipe books too. These will help reduce the amount of kitchen items you need, which will give you more space too. How much dinnerware you take is down to you, and how many people you are living on the road with. One extra plate and bowl per person could be worth losing the little bit of extra space in the van, for example.

So, your kitchen packing list should include the following items. A skillet or pan, large sized pot, bowls, plates, mugs and a kettle. Tupperware boxes for food storage and leftovers. Don’t forget your cutlery, wooden spoon, scissors and a knife. You’ll also need a chopping board, bottle opener, lighter and a box of matches.

Packing The Clothes

It’s not like when you’re packing for a holiday and you take extra dresses and other items of clothing, just in case. When you’re packing for living on the road, you need to think about the space you have available. This means only packing the necessary clothes that you’ll need. Choosing clothes that you can layer is a great idea as they’ll be suitable throughout the year. Think about where you’ll be going, the weather in those places and what you’ll be doing there too. This will help ensure you pick out the right clothes for the weather and activities.

As a general rule, your clothes packing list should include the following items. A pair of jeans or trousers. A winter jacket and a larger shirt. You should also pack a couple of t shirts and 2 long sleeve tops along with a jumper or two. Pack just over a weeks’ worth of underwear, a pair of winter shoes, sandals and smart shoes. Pack a smart dress or nice outfit for a night out too.

Packing The Cleaning Items

One of the great things about living life on the road in a van, is that there are less things to clean. You won’t need buckets of cleaning products for the different surfaces and rooms. Instead, just the basic cleaning products will do the job and the job of cleaning your van will be a breeze. It’s the same with your clothes washing. Keep it simple and you’ll find it takes no time at all.

Your cleaning items packing list should be pretty short, but it will probably include the following items. A laundry bag and some laundry detergent for when washing your clothes. You’ll also need to pack some anti-bac wipes for all your surfaces, some washing up liquid, all purpose cleaning spray and a broom or handheld vacuum. That’s really all you’ll need.

Packing The Bedroom

Having a comfy area to sleep is essential when you’re living on the road. However, it’s also pretty easy. You’ll just need a fitted sheet, some comfy pillows, 2 pillowcases, a duvet and a cover. A throw blanket is a great idea too. It offers extra warmth on colder nights but can also be used as a picnic blanket or a cover to watch the stars at night too.

Packing The Bathroom

If you have shelves that are bending under the weight of all your creams and oils, then you’ll have a real challenge on your hands. As we have said before, storage and space is limited in your van. You really need to keep to a minimum wherever possible. Multiuse items are a great idea. Like 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioners for example.

Generally speaking, your bathroom packing list needs to include the following items and any others that you choose to add. You’ll need a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Body wipes that can be used on your face and across your body. It’s a good idea to pack the shower gel and hair products for when you come across showers too. A washcloth or and soap is a great idea for in-between showers too, and a towel too.


These are the real basic and essential items that you’ll need for living life on the road. It will be an amazing experience and you’ll create some incredible experiences too. If you would like to earn money while you are travelling, why not rent out your home? This way you know your home is safe while you’re away and you’ll be getting money from people staying there too.

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