Many of us have valuable, prized possessions and family heirlooms that are passed down. However, many of us also don’t have the extra space to store them. While we want to keep them, keeping them in our homes is not always an option. So, you want to find secure storage in personal storage units. This way you know your valuables are safe, but you still have the space you need in your home.

In this blog post we share some tips for storing valuables safely in personal storage units.

Label & Record

When it comes to the secure storage of valuables you need to label everything and record it. This will help you remember where all your valuables are when you need them in the future. You will also know which boxes can be stacked on others in case they are fragile or heavy for example. By having an inventory of all the valuables in the personal storage units you won’t have to worry about forgetting where you have stored them in the future.

Protect & Secure

Antiques are commonly placed in secure personal storage because people want to keep them but don’ have the space for them in their homes. When it comes to storing precious antiques, the key is protection. If you have paintings or mirrors with sharp corners, then use cardboard corners for extra protection. Bubble wrap is essential for small items and larger items can be covered in sheets to avoid scratches or bumps during transit or in storage.

Make Use Of Space

When it comes to personal storage units, you pay for the space you use, so make the most of the storage space. However, you want to do this carefully. There is no point in having boxes stacked high so they are barely balanced, as this could result in all your belongings becoming damaged. We would recommend that larger items like mirrors are stacked horizontally and similar sized items are stacked on top of each other. It’s a good idea to leave a space to get to the back of the storage unit in the future. If you are stacking boxes, make sure the boxes are full so they can’t be squashed from boxes on top.

Secure Storage Unit

When looking at the best storage for your valuables you will want to find somewhere that is safe and secure. Take your time to shop around and find the safest storage unit for your needs. You should look for a storage unit that has CCTV, security surveillance, alarmed entry, key fob entry and more. Also speak to them about the insurance cover for your valuables and what they recommend.


If you’re looking for somewhere safe and secure to store your valuables, give us a call. We will happily show you around our secure storage units so you can see how safe your valuables will be in our care. If you need any tips or advice for packing and storage, we will be happy to help.