Here at Quick Self Storage, we love Peterborough. Our self storage facility in Peterborough is where we work, and the city is where our employees live. However, Peterborough has been given a bad name over the years. That said, it is an incredible city. It’s a bustling and upcoming city with a lot to offer those considering moving to Peterborough.

 In 2018, Peterborough was named the 5th fastest growing city in England. It beat other cities like Manchester, Newcastle and even London.

Peterborough is steeped in history. It began as a very industrial city and has seen undergone quite an economic boom. Peterborough has been heavily modernised. This has resulted in more opportunities for work. There are also more things for people to do in the city of Peterborough too.

In this post we share our complete guide to moving to Peterborough, a medieval city with a modern and exciting future.

Why Is Peterborough So Great?

The city of Peterborough is a cosmopolitan town. It also has loads of green spaces for those looking to get some fresh air and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Peterborough really does have something for everyone.

It is an ideal location for those that commute for work or leisure in London. In just over half an hour you can get the fast train straight into the centre of London. Peterborough is in the centre of the UK. This means that you can also get to places like Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh with ease, either by train or car. It is also just up the road from the city of Cambridge too. Though with the upsurge of people choosing to work from home as a result of the pandemic, commute times have ceased to be as important as quality of living standards for many.

Whatever you are looking for from your future home town, Peterborough is guaranteed to offer it. The city has a wide range of heritage attractions. There are lots of lovely countryside walks, activities and days out in the local area. Peterborough is known as the Capital of Festivals, so you’re likely to see lots of other cultures and celebrations when visiting the city centre.

Will I Like Living In Peterborough?

Dependent on who you talk to, Peterborough can be the worst or the best place to live in. According to some controversial polls, Peterborough is the worst place to live in the UK. However, other reports show that Peterborough is the happiest place to live in Cambridgeshire.

The Office of National Statistics completed a report on ‘personal well-being in the UK’ between 2019 and 2020. This research showed that life satisfaction in Peterborough was 7.6 out of a possible 10. The sense of worth of people living in Peterborough was 7.8 out of 10, and their happiness levels were 7.5 out of 10. Like with every city, there are good and bad places.  

So, let’s look at some of the more popular areas of Peterborough to live in.

Where Should I Move To In Peterborough?

Yaxley is a nice village just five miles south of the city centre. There is a wide range of different sized and priced homes. There are lots of nearby schools and recreations grounds, making it ideal for young families. Yaxley also has a selection of pubs and restaurants to enjoy, all within walking distance.

Hampton is known as more of a township. There is a selection of Hamptons and each offers large green spaces and lakes for walks and wildlife. The Hamptons are all made up of modern houses and offer an escape from city living busyness. Hampton is just on the outskirts of Peterborough and offers easy access to the city centre by car or public transport. There is a local pub in the centre of Hampton and a church – this is where the community of Hampton can be found.

Eastgate is another popular area to live in, in Peterborough. It is not short of evening entertainment in the form of bars, pubs and restaurants for all tastes and preferences. The city centre is only a short walk from Eastgate where you can easily visit the indoor golf centre, one of two city centre theatres or other attractions. You certainly won’t be bored living in the heart of the city of Peterborough.

If you are looking for more of an active place to live, then you may want to consider Orton Waterville. It’s a lovely village surrounding the city centre and it’s great for couples that love adventure and the outdoors. On your doorstep in Orton Waterville, you will find the village pond, the Peterborough BMX track, the Yacht Club and the incredible green space that is Nene Park.

Another popular place people consider when moving to Peterborough is Whittlesey. It’s a little further out of the city, six miles east, but it has a lot to offer. The village is well spaced out with homes so you will have plenty of privacy if this is where you decide to move to. Whittlesey also has its own train station. This can get you into Peterborough and beyond.

How Much Are Homes In Peterborough?

Rightmove reports that the average price of a home in 2021 was £230,290. If you are looking to move to Peterborough, you can expect a detached property as these are more common in the city. They sold for an average of £324, 862. The average semi-detached property sold for £206.809 last year. In contrast to this, the average terraced home in Peterborough sold for £169,595 in 2021. Over the last year we have seen an increase in the prices of houses. In fact, the increase in the price of homes was 7% in the last year. This is a 16% rise on the peak seen in 2018.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Peterborough?

Research was completed by Payscale and it found that the average salary in the city of Peterborough is £27,000. This is why it is such a popular city for those people looking for the taste of city life, but they are on a budget. And don’t forget; Peterborough is just over half an hour away from London on the train, but the living costs are a lot cheaper. If you can work from home those cheaper living costs can help you save a lot of money for the things you want to do in life.

Numbeo also completed some research looking at the cost of living in Peterborough and London. They found that Peterborough is 10.41% less expensive than London. The rent in Peterborough is actually 66.23% less than it is in London. For example, the average rental price of a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre of Peterborough is around £933. The basic utilities for this property in Peterborough, including water, heating, and electricity, would be around £139.50 per month.

What Can I Do In Peterborough?

There are loads of things to do in Peterborough. While we can’t list all of the things that you can do in Peterborough, we have shared some of the better things that you can do in the city. 

  • Shopping

One of the biggest attractions in Peterborough is the historic Cathedral Square. This is the centre of the city centre and shopping space in Peterborough. Peterborough is home to the Queensgate Shopping Centre which has many well-known shops and retailers. The city also houses numerous arcades full of small and independent stores that can’t be found elsewhere. Peterborough city centre is also undergoing a huge expansion and there are lots more exciting pubs, restaurants, shops and entertainment coming to the city.

  • Sports

Peterborough United, also known as The Posh, are the football team of Peterborough. They currently play in the third tier of the English football pyramid. There is also an ice-skating team in Peterborough. They are called The Phantoms and they play at home from the ice rink in Bretton and away, across the UK. 

  • Nightlife

Peterborough has a wide range of nightlife to suit all tastes. There are over four nightclubs, and multiple bars offering live music, drag nights, quizzes and comedy. Peterborough has a huge selection of restaurants too. There could be a restaurant linked to every country and culture. From Polish and Russian restaurants to Greek and Turkish, American diners, Chinese buffets, Indians, country pubs and more. Whatever you fancy for dinner with friends, you’ll find it in Peterborough.

  • Activities

There are lots of things to do in Peterborough from bowling alleys, three theatres, the ice-skating rink and golf to name a few. Hampton has a crazy golf course, and the city centre has an indoor crazy golf course. You can go axe throwing or on giant bouncy castles in PE1, or bike riding, boating, rowing or horse riding at Ferry Meadows. There is no shortage of things to do – the only risk is that you can live in Peterborough and never know the amazing activities that are right under your nose.

  • Animals

If you love animals, then again, Peterborough is a great place for you to move to. Just a short drive from the city centre you can find Hamerton Zoo with lions, zebras, camels, monkeys and more. Sacrewell Farm offers a petting farm with sheep, goats, duck races and more. Deeping St James is home to an Exotic Pet Refuge that is open just 10 days a year. Johnsons of Old Hurst has a crocodile house and indoor reptile centre which is an incredible sight to see. If you’re looking to adopt an animal for your new home in Peterborough, you can travel just down the road to Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester.

  • Parks & The Outdoors

Peterborough has a wealth of green spaces to enjoy. Whether you are looking to go for a stroll, a picnic with the family or a bike ride, there are plenty of places to visit. The most popular green space in Peterborough is Ferry Meadows. Ferry Meadows is a large country park where you can walk, fish cycle, play, ride the train, experience the miniature train or enjoy a cup of tea in the café, it’s all there for you.

Looking To Move To Peterborough?

If you are considering moving to Peterborough and need storage, speak to our team. We offer self storage in Peterborough to look after your belongings while you move house, downsize or renovate your home. Sometimes it’s a good idea to rent somewhere as a base while you look for the right home. You can use our self storage in Peterborough to make your move less stressful while you find your perfect home, this can also help you to sell your home faster.