Whether you’re moving down the road, to a home nearer work, to a bigger house in the country or overseas, moving can be a very time-consuming and stressful time. In this blog post we share our top tip to make moving stress free and how a storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington can help!

Moving home used to be commonly cited as one of the top four most stressful experiences. It has dropped down the list in terms of stressful experiences, in part because people do move around more than they used to. Though regardless of where it ranks in terms of stressful experiences, moving home is still stressful, and the more you can do to reduce stress, and make moving easier, the better.

Giving Yourself More Time Reduces Stress

Packing will take a lot longer than you think. It can take months for your house purchase to complete. Instead of sitting around worrying about it, start packing. Use this time effectively to start de-cluttering your home and packing up belongings. If you have large cabinets, cupboards and sideboards that hold keepsakes and heirlooms, why not pack them first? You won’t need them until your new home, and you could put the large furniture in a storage unit in Peterborough for the short term. This will help free up more space for when you’re packing the rest of your belongings.

Our Top Tips To Make Moving Stress Free Quick Self Storage

More People Equals Less Stress

It’s not just the packing that will take longer than you think, it’s the actual move too. Start asking friends and family to pencil your moving date in the diary so you have all the help you need. Have people on board for every part of the move. Think about someone to walk your dogs during the move and someone else to keep the kids entertained. Have some people moving the boxes out of the house while others go to your personal storage to collect the larger furniture. The more hands you have to help, the quicker it will get done. However, and perhaps more importantly, the more people there will be to supply you with essential cups of tea or to pop out and get lunch for you all.

Having A Moving Checklist Takes Away Stress

Make sure you right a list of all the rooms and areas that need to be clearer. This includes the often-forgotten areas like the shed, garage and loft for example. As you’re writing out the rooms that need packing away, think about what is in the rooms too. Put a checklist together that states the belongings in each room. Then pop this checklist on each box as you pack it so you know exactly where to find your essential item, such as the toaster, kettle or phone chargers, when your new home is full of boxes.

Take Short Breaks To Reduce Stress And Increase Wellbeing

Giving yourself time to rest and relax, even if only for a few minutes between tasks can greatly help with your stress levels and general wellness. When you try and do too much you get overly stressed, people snap at each other, and things just seem more challenging. By taking a quick tea break, chatting about other things, especially positive things like what you are planning after moving into your new home, will help you reduce stress and have a happier move. By reducing stress you stay healthier too, which makes moving far easier. when you can reduce stress and improve wellbeing, your move will be so much easier. Most of us know the value of a quick mental health break, though when push comes to shove, many will opt to keep going and get things done ‘more quickly’, which can actually be counter productive. While keeping on schedule is important, you will find that you achieve more when you are less stressed. So when you are moving, do take mental health breaks.

Pack Heirlooms Safely For Reduced Stress

If you have large furniture and fancy heirlooms that have been passed down the family, but you’re just not sure what to do with them, we can help. Sometimes older looking furniture doesn’t quite suit the style of your brand-new modern home. However, you’re not ready to get rid of it and hope to pass it down to your children in the future? Why not use our storage unit in Peterborough for the personal storage of your family heirlooms, bulky items and larger furniture? You know they’ll be safe and secure. Then when things have settled after the move, you can decide what to do with it.

Our Top Tips To Make Moving Stress Free Quick Self Storage

Top Tips To Make Moving Stress Free Include Giving Yourself Flexibility

There are lots of benefits to using a storage unit in Peterborough and it will make moving stress free too. You’ll know that any fragile items you out into your personal storage are protected. You’ll have all your items where you need them for moving day too. Whenever you need your items you can get them as you’ll have your access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On top of that you’ll have complete flexibility of how much storage you need and for how long.

Problems can arise during the house buying process. If your new home was to fall through we can keep your belongings in our storage unit in Peterborough for as long as you need. Or alternatively, if it’s more convenient, our storage unit in Darlington. This means you can move into a hotel or in with friends for the short term, to avoid disrupting the sale of your old home, and without the worry of all your belongings.

Are you moving home and want to make it as stress free as possible? Call our friendly storage team. We can help you come up with a storage plan for your move and give you the perfect personal storage for your needs, helping to make your house move less stressful. Something our customers tell us on a regular basis is how having self storage made their life so much easier when moving house, because they didn’t have to rush everything. So get in contact, reduce the rush, and make your move less stressful.