A lack of space is a problem for a lot of households. Older homes were built with tons of storage spaces. However, newer homes rarely have extra storage space, instead the rooms are bigger. This can leave homeowners with a feeling of no space in their home and nowhere to store heirlooms, collectables, school records and fond memories.

Many people don’t have enough space in their home to keep all of their belongings safe, this is why they look to use secure storage units. However, there are lots of reasons that people use storage units. We have listed some of these reasons below.

Clear Out

We are all connected to ‘stuff’. This might be the first ever armchair we bought when we first moved out, a grandparents huge dining table or a piano that hasn’t been used for many years. All these things have fond memories attached to them, and while they take up space, we often can’t bear to sell them. This is where secure storage units can be extremely useful. Items can be stored there until there is room available in the house.

Reasons People Use Self Storage Quick Self Storage

Moving House

Very often a house move doesn’t go as easily as planned, especially when you are in a chain. This can mean that you need to stay at a friend’s home or in a hotel room for a few weeks until the next house is ready, to avoid the sale of your old home going through. Secure storage facilities are ideal locations for the temporary storage of your items until your new home is ready for you to move into.

House Improvements

House costs are rising, and many people are choosing to stay in their homes and improve them, instead of buying a new home. Secure self-storage units are often used by homeowners renovating their homes as a way of protecting their belongings and furniture. This helps keep the house clear for work to be completed with ease and keeps your possessions safe too.

Reasons People Use Self Storage Quick Self Storage

Work Relocation

Whether you are working abroad or in another part of the country, even for a short amount of time, you may choose to move home to the new area or rent your old home out. A secure storage facility can look after your belongings safely until you return in the future, whether it’s a few months or a few years. 

Gap Year

Many students chose to take a gap year and travel the world after a few years at university. House of mum and dad may not have enough room to store their child’s belongings that they have built up at university, so self-storage is often used in these cases too. They are then stored safely until the gap year is over and the student is ready to move into their own place.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items such as large Christmas decorations and garden furniture will often be stored in storage facilities to free up room around the home when the items are not required. As the seasons change, as do the storage needs, the garden furniture goes in as the Christmas decorations come out, and so on.

Reasons People Use Self Storage Quick Self Storage

Relationship Changes

A breakup of a long-term relationship or a divorce is a horrible thing for people to go through, especially when the couple are living together. One or both people will need to move out, but it can take time to get finances in order to start on the property ladder again. Secure storage units can then be used to store the couple’s belongings, together or separately, until life starts to return to some form of normality.

Family Bereavement

A family bereavement is an awful time, and the sad fact is that may of us will have to deal with it at some point of our lives. As a loved one passes their belongings are left and family members often don’t feel ready to go through them. A secure storage facility can be used for the short-term until a day in the future when the family members are ready to go through the belongings. While secure storage might not be a priority, it really can help make the awful situation a little bit easier for everyone.

People Use Self Storage At Quick Self Storage For Many Reasons

These are just some of the many common reasons that people use self-storage. If you need any advice on how self-storage could work for you, or how much space you need, just drop us a line. Our Peterborough self storage team, or our Darlington self storage team, will happily answer any queries you might have.