Renovation trends spike at various times for different reasons, last year was the year of rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it. This meant working on all those DIY things around the home we never quite had time for before. From putting up shelves, painting the hallway and fixing the squeaky patch on the stairs. Now 2021 is here, home renovations are on the rise. These are three of the top renovation trends in 2021 that we think you’ll be interested in and how a storage unit could help the process.

Working From Home

Working from home was dropped on many of us all of a sudden. One day we were at work, and the next day our new office was the kitchen table. As time has gone on many of us have enjoyed working from home and employers have found that it’s easier for them if some employees work from home too. This had led to spare rooms and guest rooms becoming home offices.

Top Three Renovation Trends Of 2021 Quick Self Storage

This is all well and good, until the dreaded zoom meeting with the boss or an important client, and there’s the bed in the middle of your office. A bed in your office definitely doesn’t scream professionalism!

One of the biggest home renovation trends for 2021 is turning the guest room into a home office. But what happens to the bed when guests do come and stay? Why not consider using a storage unit. The guest room is your office throughout the year. Then, when guests do come and stay for a weekend every now and again, you can get the bed out of storage and the home office becomes the guest room again.

Open Plan Kitchens

As we all enjoyed eating as a family during lockdown, this has become an important habit to keep as the world begins to return to normality again. However, with one member of the family tucked away in the kitchen, someone doing work at the dining table and others watching TV in the next room – families have become split again.

This is where the rise in popularity for the open plan kitchen has come from. This means that the person cooking in the kitchen can keep an eye on the kids doing their homework, while the TV can be enjoyed by the whole family too, together.

The biggest issue with an open plan kitchen as a home renovation is that it takes time and it can get messy. Instead of having to move all your furniture around the house into different rooms, while the builders work on different areas, why not put your furniture into a storage unit? This will help keep it dust free, clean and out of the way of potential damage too.

Au Natural

In 2020 many families enjoyed the great outdoors. People were out walking more, exploring local walks and hidden nature reserves. The natural environment around us, cheers us up. By bringing the outside, inside, it improves the feel of a home and the mood of those in the home too.

Many homeowners have been looking at ways of bringing the outside, inside. This can be achieved through various home renovations. Some homeowners have chosen to replace their exterior wall into sliding doors. This means that the garden can be enjoyed from the comfort of the sofa and loads of natural light can brighten the home.

Another way of bringing the outdoors indoors is with wood. Natural wood flooring looks incredible throughout a home. Whether you opt for a real wood floor or create the look of a wooden floor with LVT flooring, the results will be incredible.

Top Three Renovation Trends Of 2021 Quick Self Storage

How Can Self Storage Help With Home Renovations?

Renovating your home is a great idea. Not only does it give you the home that you want now, but it will also increase the value of your home for the future. However, in the short term, renovating your home can be stressful, take up more time than you think and be a lot messier than you imagine too.

When you’re knocking down walls, installing a new kitchen or having your old flooring ripped up, there will be dust, everywhere! It doesn’t matter how many dust sheets, wrapping and tape you use. Dust is so light and will find its way into everything and anything. By using a storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington, you will be protecting your belongings from dust.

Also, the furniture needs to go somewhere. If you’re having a kitchen knocked through all the furniture in that room and the next room will need to be out somewhere. While it can be put into a side room for a day or two, this room will quickly feel cramped and untidy as the project goes on for weeks or even months. With self-storage you can keep the furniture out the way. This will give you some peace and calm away from the noise, mess and stress of the renovation.

Our self storage units in Peterborough are readily available, and we have self storage units in Darlington ready too. You just need to tell us how much space you need and for how long. If the home renovation takes longer than planned, just let us know and we will extend your storage needs for you. You’ll have access to your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are ready to collect some or all your belongings, or you want to put more furniture into storage, just drop us a line.

If you’re considering some of the top three renovation trends for your home this year, give us a call. We can help you put a storage plan into place to make your home renovations just that little bit easier.