There will be situations that arise, and you’ll need extra space in your home, or somewhere else to store your belongings. You might be moving house, downsizing, travelling the world, having your home renovated or looking to let out a spare room for example. This means that you need somewhere else to store your items, such as furniture, family heirlooms, prized possessions and more.

This is when storage can really help. However, you may be stuck decided between a storage unit or a shipping container. Afterall, which is better for your needs. We hope to help you answer that question in this blog post, so you can choose the right storage solution for you.

Whatever reason you need to store your things elsewhere, do you think a shipping container could be ideal for you and give you the storage solution you need? Or maybe you think a self-storage unit would serve your storage needs better? Let’s find out!

There is one key difference between shipping containers and self-storage units. A shipping container is portable. This means that it can be delivered to you at a place of your choice and be packed from there. Meanwhile, you will need to go to your storage unit and take your things there to be packed into storage.

A shipping container will be moved and placed at a location of your choice. This means that you will need to have space for the shipping container to be placed at the location of your choice. You will hire the shipping container and it will be solely for your belongings and property.

Meanwhile, a storage unit is in a set location, normally central. You will rent a storage unit within a large storage facility. This building will be similar to a warehouse, for example. The large storage facility will have multiple storage units within it. Each storage unit will have its own individual and secure door.

When it comes to getting things out of your own storage unit, you can use your key and gain access when the storage facility is open. This will often include weekends and evenings. You will have your own lock and key, or code. This can then be used to access your personal storage unit as and when you require.

The shipping container is more like a large steel box. It is left at your chosen location for the length of time you choose. During this time, you can place what you want in your shipping container and take things out of it as you choose.

Both shipping containers and self-storage units are great options for storage solutions. However, it depends on your needs as to whether a shipping container or storage unit will work better for you. Below we look into both options in more detail.


Self-Storage Units

If you are looking for a temporary storage space, then a self-storage unit could be ideal for you. It is a place where surplus items from your shop, seasonal sports equipment or summer garden furniture can be stored, for example. Whatever reason you are looking to clear out space in your home or business, on a temporary measure, a self-storage unit will work for you.

Your self-storage will be among many others in a large warehouse / self-storage facility. You can pack up your car or van and take your items to the self-storage facility and gain access to your self-storage unit. Many people also use self-storage units for the long-term, if they know they will need to keep taking things from and placing things in their storage unit. The great thing about a self-storage unit is that you can pop to the storage facility as often as you want to drop off more things or take things out of your storage unit.

The Advantages Of A Self-Storage Unit

The great thing about a self-storage unit is that you can start using it as soon as you want. You don’t need to wait for it to be delivered. In some cases, you can even start using your self-storage unit on the same day as you contact the self-storage facility.

Your self-storage unit is extremely secure too. The storage facility as a whole will offer excellent levels of security. Your individual storage unit will be well secured too. There will be 24-7 CCTV surveillance cameras, intruder alarms, on-site staff and more.

There is a wide selection of self-storage unit sizes available. This enables you to choose right size storage unit for your needs. You only pay for the space you use, so make sure you stack your items and use the space upwards, as well as well as the floor space.

You will have access to your storage unit at most, or all hours, dependent on the storage facility company. This means you can drive to your storage to collect or drop things off as and when you choose.

Our storage units are climate-controlled, so you know that your belongings are safe and sound in your storage unit. However, not all storage companies offer climate-controlled units so make sure you check first if this is something that is important to you.

The Disadvantages Of A Self-Storage Unit

You may need to hire a van or transport to get your items into storage if you do not have your own vehicle or it is not large enough. You will pay on a monthly basis for your self-storage unit, and this can become costly for longer storage requirements. That said, many self-storage companies do offer discounts for longer-term storage needs.

When you hire or rent a self-storage unit you will need to give a minimum number of days or weeks as a commitment. If you choose to cancel your contract earlier than this, you could be charged an additional fee for early cancellation. Again, it is worth speaking to your storage company and checking your contract as event storage facility is different.


Shipping Container Storage

Shipping container storage can be a more practical short-term solution than a storage unit. You won’t need to drive to and from the storage unit for example as it will be on your property. This means that you can access it at any time to get what you need, with no need to check the opening times or get in the car.

You’ll also be able to keep a close eye on your shipping container as it will be on your property. This means you can check it isn’t damaged by cold, hot or wet weather for example. Security wise, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it too. The fact a shipping container is a solid steel building, makes it extremely hard for criminals to break into it too.

The Advantages Of Shipping Container Storage

Just like self-storage units, shipping containers come in various sizes too. This means that you can select the shipping container size that you require for your storage, or to fit the available space you have for the shipping container to go.

If you do require the shipping container for a longer period of time, this is possible. Just like with a storage unit, discounts are often available for longer bookings of storage facilities. It is also possible to pay for your shipping container storage on a rolling month contract, for as long as it is needed.

You will have constant and unrestricted access to your belongings in the shipping container, as it is on your land. The shipping container will also be weatherproof and insect-proof, so you’ll know that your belongings are safe and protected. The security of the shipping container is as secure as your land or property. If you want to improve your security for the shipping container, then you can.

The Disadvantages Of Shipping Container Storage

If you do not have a lot of outdoor space, then it may be impossible for you to have the shipping container at our property. Some people use their driveways or gardens as the location for the shipping container. However, this can become inconvenient over time as it could be taking up space you need or damaging your garden.

Unlike a storage unit, you cannot use it straight away. You will need to book and pay for the shipping container and then book a delivery date. Only when it has been delivered can you start using it. This means that it can take much more planning to place your belongings in shipping container storage. It’s important to note that you will also be charged additional fees for the delivery and collection of the shipping container, as well as for the time you have it on your property.


Self-Storage Unit vs Shipping Container Storage

As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to both storage options. It really comes down to your needs for your storage, along with the space and time that you have available. Before renting a self-storage unit or a shipping container, think about what you want from your storage facility. Think about the advantages and disadvantages we have listed above and think about how they affect you and the items you put into storage.

If you’re still not sure of the best storage solution for your needs, why not give our self-storage experts a call. We can talk about what our self-storage units can offer you and the benefits of them. If we feel that a storage unit isn’t right for you, but a shipping container would be better, we will let you know. We are here to help you and arrange the best storage solution for your needs, whatever that might be.