You’ve probably seen programmes that feature a self-storage unit – and most likely they were set in the US. The UK self-storage market is newer, but it’s growing rapidly as more people and more businesses see the benefits of more space at lower rates.

In fact, there are now over 1582 self-storage sites in the UK, offering a variety of options from outdoor containers, indoor units, everything from small lockers to warehouse-sized rooms, short-term contracts and, here at Quick Self Storage, smart security managed on your phone.

So – who uses self-storage?

6 reasons why people use self-storage Quick Self Storage

Self-storage while you move house

 According to the SSAUK 22.5% of people use a short-term storage option to keep their belongings safe while they move house. If you are downsizing, you can store your larger items while you decide if they will fit in your new home, or be sold. And, if you are stuck in a chain, you can keep your stuff safe while you rent temporary accommodation.

Selling your home is easier with self-storage

Putting your furniture into storage for the short term can actually help you sell your home – it’s a way of removing extra clutter, allowing you to dress up your home for prospective buyers. Presenting a house that has been de-personalised helps new buyers to visualise their own items in the space available.

6 reasons why people use self-storage Quick Self Storage

Lower rates for business owners

When you are paying inner city rates for floor space, every square foot counts. You need meeting rooms, workspace, breakout rooms for your team – and somewhere to keep the piles of paperwork and old files.

A self-storage unit can be the perfect place for your archiving. It’s easy to organise with shelving, fully secure with you having the only access, and far more cost-effective. So, if you need to keep paperwork for 6 years but don’t actually need access to it every day, it’s the perfect way to free up space around your office.

Grow your business in a self-storage unit

When you work from home there will be a point where your stock is taking over your hallway. You may well be sick of the sight of your laptop, piles of packaging are taking pride of place on the table and your family feel abandoned. When you work from home you never quite leave work for the day.

A self-storage unit gives you a defined space to keep stock, do your packing and posting – and then walk away at 5 pm (or whenever, after all, it’s your business). You can receive post delivered directly to the self-storage office, so no waiting about for deliveries either. All that means you can claim your home back and expand into more units as your business grows.

Safeguard the tools of your trade

If you are a tradesman then the loss of your tools or equipment could be the end of your livelihood. Keeping valuable tools in your van overnight is not an option, and not everyone has space in their backyard for a completely secure garage.

A smaller unit offers the space you need to organise your equipment, clean and repair it when you need to, and keep samples and materials safe. You can select only the tools you need for the job in hand and know everything else is completely secure.

6 reasons why people use self-storage Quick Self Storage

A bit more space at home

Do you need a little more space at home? Family life comes with a few extras – like piles of plastic toys for toddlers, an entire wardrobe change with the seasons, baby cots and prams – that you might want to keep safe for a few years in between children, but don’t have the space to store at home.

Then there are the bikes, tents, skis – active families have a lot of seasonal or holiday gear they only need at certain times. If you live in a flat, you might not have access to an attic. When your garden is smaller, the shed is already full of barbeques and lawnmowers.

Don’t let your living space dictate your lifestyle. A self-storage unit can be the extra cupboard, a fair-sized shed or the whole extra room you need it to be.

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