Running a business from a self storage unit can be surprisingly easy, and there are certain businesses which are ideally suited to been run from self storage units. After the last few months of furloughed staff and the impact of lockdown on small businesses, it’s not surprising that a lot of us are looking for ways to change our approach to work. Existing businesses are finding ways to reduce costs, while many employees are considering the advantages or necessity or setting up their own business.

If there is one thing many small businesses need in particular, it’s cost-effective premises. There are plenty of advantages of running your business from your own self storage unit, including low cost fees without extra for utilities, and short-term contracts.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your existing business, or to set up as a self-employed business, self storage could be the answer.

Here’s just a few businesses you can run from your own self storage unit:

  1. Online Retailer
  2. Commercial Photographer
  3. Tradesman
  4. Interior and Fashion Designers
  5. Charity
  6. Videographer

Online retailer

Selling your products online has become far easier in recent years, with ready-made platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy, and plenty of options for taking payments. You can easily offer a large variety of stock, whether you buy wholesale or make your own products. But you do need somewhere to organise your stock items.

A self-storage unit gives you all the room you need to set up shelving and organise your products. This will reduce damage from heavy boxes squashing items at the bottom of the stack, and reduce the risk of damaging them by constantly moving boxes about. Plus you can easily find items, making it easier to package orders.

Many self-storage suppliers will also provide wifi and lighting in your unit, so you can set up your laptop and manage orders easily. At Quick Self Storage our smart app allows you to send employees in to manage stock without having to share and lose keys. It’s the perfect place to start and grow an online business.

Six businesses you can run from a self storage unit Quick Self Storage

Commercial photographer

When you are in the business of shooting products for business owners, you need great lighting and plenty of space. With a self-storage unit you can create your own studio, with room for your lighting, backdrops and storage for all your equipment.

Of course, cameras, computers and all the other photography equipment is expensive, so it’s good to know that it’s completely secure when you leave for the night. At Quick Self Storage we have industry leading motion sensors in your unit – giving you peace of mind.


As a tradesman you rely on your tools to keep your business going. If anything happens to them, you can’t work. So keeping expensive gear in your work van overnight is a risky business, and probably affects your insurance too.

If you have a lot of tools or larger equipment, you may not have the space at home to keep everything stored, and the facilities to keep it locked up safely from potential thieves. Or, you just might prefer to keep any risks from sharp tools away from your home and family.

With a storage unit you can have as much room as you need, from the spare cupboard or garden shed, all the way to your own garage sized unit. You can organise your tools by task, making it easier to grab what you need each morning before you start a job, and you can easily monitor any that need replacing. For such low costs, a unit is an efficient way to secure your business.

Six businesses you can run from a self storage unit Quick Self Storage

Interior and fashion designers

Wouldn’t you love the space to spread out? All those large rolls of fabric, books full of samples, colour swatches and extras take up a lot of space. From clothes rails to room for cushion stuffing, being a designer requires a lot of materials that take up a lot of space.

With a self-storage unit you can have enough room for a large desk – big enough to spread out and cut fabrics and run through your sewing machine. From bespoke home-made curtains to unique dress designs, having your own design studio can be a reality.


Charities have certainly suffered over the last few months as donations dried up, but one advantage of lockdown was that everyone had time to sort through their wardrobes and declutter their homes. Which means that an avalanche of donations is starting to arrive at charity shops.

With a short-term self-storage contract, you can find the space to store all the donations and sort through them at your own pace. Then, once the donations have all been cleared, you can end the contract, saving on unnecessary costs. Running a charity has a lot involved, and it is worth knowing what you need to do, before you start. It could save a lot of headaches, of which storage would be a minor one.

Six businesses you can run from a self storage unit Quick Self Storage


As a videographer you might film videos for brands, promotional material for businesses or your own videos for a YouTube channel. Either way, having a small space to set up your equipment and prepare your lighting makes it a lot simpler.

If you are running your own YouTube channel, you can create a far more professional look with a unit and a specially prepared background than if you film in your own bedroom, with all your personal clutter behind you. You’ll have an advantage of bringing attention fully on your subject and whatever product you may be promoting, plus you don’t have to worry about items from your personal life accidentally sneaking into shot.

Running A Business Can Be Far Easier With A Self Storage Unit

Giving yourself room to work, whatever you are doing, is vitally important when you want to be productive in any home based business. Not least because there are numerous mental health benefits to working clutter free.

There are plenty more businesses that you can run from a self-storage unit. If you just need a little space to get started, come and talk to us. Quick Self Storage has facilities in Peterborough and also in Darlington that can really help you run a successful business. At Quick Self Storage we offer the latest in security and smart technology, an easily accessible location and a friendly welcome. Call today on 01733 834 183.