Do you have a smaller garden that you’re struggling to make the most of? Perhaps your shed is overflowing with tools. Maybe you need to move the garden furniture that is hardly used 10 times just to mow the lawn? Is your grass getting ruined by the mass of kid’s toys, play equipment, games and paddling pools?

If you have found yourself nodding, then you’re going to need to read our garden storage ideas.

Outdoor space is a great selling point for any home. It gives us a space of calm and relaxation. However, when you can’t get to anything or it’s too messy to enjoy the garden, it can quickly become a place of stress and frustration. 

Garden Storage for Toys

It’s great to be able to have a garden for your children to enjoy. Letting them outside to play with their toys and let off steam is beneficial to the whole family. However, when you have football goals, a padding pool, a seesaw and swing along with bats, balls, hoops, bikes, scooters and more – the garden can quickly look very messy, and the small garden suddenly feels a lot smaller.

A plastic bench-chest combination is a great storage solution for the garden. It’s the perfect height for children to get their toys from and it serves as seating for everyone else throughout the year. Think about the items that your children need too. The plastic sledge may be popular every winter, and the paddling pool comes out every July for the school holidays for a few weeks – but what about in between these times? 

Why not put the seasonal items into personal storage in between uses. This gives you the space that you need in your garden and you know exactly where these items are when you need them.

Tools Storage

Not Enough Space for a Garden? Bring the Outside In! Quick Self Storage

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Do you find that you are gently opening the shed door for fear of everything falling on top of you? If you’re lucky enough to have a shed, then that’s a good start – but that doesn’t mean it’s the best storage for you. To make the most of your shed you need to have hanging space and shelves to maximise the space. Those items that are more frequently used should be at the front of the shed, less frequently used tools can then be at the back of the shed.

Stackable plastic boxes are a great idea for your shed. They can be ideal for storing garden tools, DIY tools, summer furniture cushion, picnic blankets and more. One box per item group will tidy up your shed and create a more organised space for you too.

If you don’t have a shed or your shed is too small for the garden items and tools, why not use personal storage space as your off-site shed. No matter how small or large your needs, or how often you need access, personal storage could be the perfect solution for your garden tools and equipment storage.

Garden Landscaping for More Storage

Not Enough Space for a Garden? Bring the Outside In! Quick Self Storage

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Landscaping or home improvements to change your garden can be a great way of making better use of the small space you have. For example, changing an exterior wall to folding doors is a really nice way of bringing the outdoors indoors. Indoor seating can be used instead of garden furniture, saving you even more room. Storage cupboards in your home can be used for garden toys too, saving room in the shed.

You could also have your garden completely re-landscaped so you can enjoy better use of the space you have. This might mean taking a large tree out of the middle of your garden or getting rid of the bushy hedges to give you a wider space in your garden. Perhaps you would rather have fake grass instead of natural grass, so it is easier to look for and means you don’t need your lawn mower for a while?

You could use personal storage when you are redesigning your garden. Space will be needed to make these large changes to your home and garden. Popping your items into storage for a short amount of time will give you the space in the garden you need to get the job done.

How will you make the most of your small garden? If there is anything we can do to help, just ask!