When you’re ready to start decorating your home for Christmas or you’re ready to begin wrapping presents, a Self Storage unit might be an option to consider for any additional space that you might need. You can store almost anything in your unit from a tree to large items that you don’t want children to see before Christmas morning. The following are a few ways that you can utilise the space that you have so that it’s not wasted.


Storage and Christmas Quick Self Storage

After Christmas, you can use a Quick Self Storage Peterborough unit for your tree and wreaths until you’re ready to decorate the following year. Consider getting hooks for the walls to hang any wreaths that you store so that they aren’t damaged. Trees can be stored in boxes or large bags so that the branches don’t get dirty or damaged while they are in the same area with other items.


Storage and Christmas Quick Self Storage

Sometimes, you might not have a lot of room in your home to store lights and decorations that are used for Christmas. When you use a Self Storage Peterborough unit for lights, you should consider hanging them on hooks or placing them on a shelf so that they don’t get tangled. Plastic containers with separations are good options for ornaments and breakable decorations and can usually be stacked against a wall in the unit. When you look at storage units, consider one that’s climate-controlled as it can put less stress on fragile decorations and lights.


Storage and Christmas Quick Self Storage

Soon after Christmas, you’ll usually see an abundance of sales in stores. This is a good time to stock up on gifts for the following year, but you might not have anywhere in your home to put these gifts. A Self Storage Peterborough unit is beneficial in this situation so that you can keep gifts hidden from family members. You’ll also be able to save money since you won’t have to purchase a lot of gifts at the full price right before Christmas. The unit can also be used to store gifts that you purchase during sales after Thanksgiving that you don’t want anyone to see. If there are large items or gifts that are special that you want to keep a surprise, then keeping them in a Self Storage Peterborough unit is usually a good option instead of taking the risk of keeping them in your home and someone possibly seeing them before they are unwrapped on Christmas day.