When your tabletops are filling up with piles of things and the hallways are overflowing, your home can start to feel a little cluttered. You don’t have to get rid of everything though – although a declutter is always a good way to make some room. Just consider some inventive storage solutions.

Simple storage solutions for your home Quick Self Storage

Hang your bike on the wall

When you live in a city, you may well rely on your bike more than your car. But living in a flat or apartment means you often don’t have anywhere else to store it other than your hallway. Rather than tripping over your bike every time you walk into your home, consider hanging it on the wall. It’s safely out of your way – and could be an interesting piece of décor.

Pan racks are great for smaller kitchens

Smaller kitchens have one thing in common – a lack of cupboard space and saucepans take up a lot of room. One idea is to get stackable pans with removable handles, but if you don’t want to replace your cookware set, try using wall or even ceiling space. Hang pots and pans from wall hooks – or go for a pot rack to suspend them above the cooker or kitchen island.

Serving trolleys for daily tableware

A serving trolley is a handy piece of storage furniture that you can wheel out when you need space for the serving dishes, and tuck out of sight after dinner is over. Plus they have handy shelves for the placemats and condiments that you use daily, which keeps them close at hand, without taking up space on the table for the rest of the day.

Simple storage solutions for your home Quick Self Storage

Make wine racks a feature

Storage doesn’t just have to be practical. When it’s in your home, you want it to be stylish too. Consider a wall-mounted wine rack. There are plenty of decorative racks that make your wine collection part of your décor while keeping your bottles safe too.

Consider high-level shelving

Floor space is usually the first thing to be used up in our homes – but how often do we look at the ceiling? Place shelves higher up over doorframes. There’s plenty of wall space that’s underused, and it can be a feature for your ornaments.

Under-bed storage options

Our bedrooms become a dumping ground for plenty of clutter, from unwanted and outdated clothing to extra duvets and spare bedding. There are a variety of options available for under-bed storage that will help make your bedroom feel like a peaceful retreat, from slide-in drawers to rising divans.

Simple storage solutions for your home Quick Self Storage

Headboard storage

Another choice for saving space in the bedroom is to have storage in the headboard. We’ve seen a few options for space-saving headboards, including pegboards to cover the wall and hanging shelves and lights on them, which are totally on-trend and a good option for teenage bedrooms too.

Folding desks for easy home-office space

If office space if your biggest need, then how about a folding table? From an antique writing bureau to a simple gate-leg table, a folding desk means you can tuck everything out of the way once you finish for the day.

There are plenty of imaginative storage solutions to help you reduce clutter in your home. But when what you really need is another cupboard or a small room, consider self-storage. With your own unit you have all the space you want and can store everything out of sight until you need it.   Call us on 01733 834 183 to see just how simple having your own unit can be.