We all have wheelie bins that need to be rolled out to the front of our homes every few days or weeks. However, very few of have the perfect wheelie bin storage. Often homeowners have limited outdoor storage space. As a result, this can leave beautiful gardens becoming an eye sore with large wheelie bins dumped in the corner. The smell of these wheelie bins when you’re sat outside in the summer months can be less than enjoyable too.

In this blog post we share some great tips to help you maximise the storage space in your shed or garage. By following these tips, you can have wheelie bin storage, out of sight. It may seem like an impossible task to make extra space in your garage or shed, but it’s possible – and we have the tips to help.


Cabinets are usually an extremely popular storage option in the house, but rarely considered in sheds and garages. This is a real shame as they are brilliant for storage of a wide range of items. You may also find that they are not very expensive easier. As the cabinets are being placed in the shed or garage, they can be older cabinets. Maybe a neighbour is having their kitchen renovated or there is something on the Facebook marketplace? To make even more space, you could hang these cabinets to the walls of your garage. This will enable you to maximise the floor space of your garage to store other items.


There are lots of ways that you can use your walls to add to the storage available in your shed and garage. Wall organisers are relatively cheap to get hold of and ideal for the storage of smaller items that could get lost if not stored correctly. Pegboards are a really good storage solution for tools and similar items. It will keep the items well organised and easy to get too. They will also be making use of the walls, while you can make better use of the floor area. Think about the different ways that you can free up the important floor space, by using the walls. You will then be able to make space for your wheelie bin storage.

How To Make Wheelie Bin Storage Quick Self Storage

Overhead Storage

Sheds and garages tend to be reasonably tall buildings, so why not use the space above you? This is a space that you don’t use on a regular basis, so put the items that are used rarely into these spaces. This could include things like surf boards for your summer holidays, Christmas trees, ladders and garden parasols for example. All of these things will be safe and secure, but out of the way until they are needed too. Be careful with overhead storage though. It will need to be strong enough to hold your items.

Folding Workbench

It doesn’t take long for garages and sheds to become full and feel messy. Before long you will find yourself tripping over things, damaging items and cursing the lack of storage space in your garage or shed. This is why good storage is essential. It can help keep everything in place and give you the space you need. One great storage solution for your shed or garage could be a folding workbench. This way you can get it out for use when you need it. However, when it isn’t in use it can folded away taking up minimum space and staying out of sight until needed.

Self Storage Units

Why not consider using a self-storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington? This can be used for all those things that are rarely used but need to be kept safely. For example, you could place skis, Christmas decorations, surf boards, summer garden furniture and more from your garage or shed into self storage. This would then give you the extra space you need to make a wheelie bin storage area in your shed or garage.

These are just some ways we recommend that can help you to make wheelie bin storage space. For more storage ideas or to ask any questions about our storage units, call our storage team now. We will be only too happy to help.