Self-storage isn’t really something that you think about. However, when you do need it, it can be all you think about. This means that you might not know a lot about storage units in Peterborough or Darlington, which can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed when looking for storage solutions for your needs. The thought of renting a self-storage unit may feel a little daunting, but we are here to help.

In this blog we look at self-storage ideas for a 10×10 self-storage unit. We’ll look at how big a 10×10 self-storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington is and what you can store in it. Once you better understand what a 10×10 storage unit offers, you’ll be one step closer to a clutter-free and more spacious future.


Do You Need Self-Storage Facilities?

The first thing you need to think about is if you need a storage unit for your belongings. There are lots of reasons that people choose to use a self-storage unit. For example, you might be downsizing from a two-bedroom home, to just one bedroom. Perhaps you need to free up space for a family member, friend or lodger to stay. Some people use self-storage as their first child in growing up and they’re planning on a second in the near future.

Perhaps you are moving house and need somewhere to store belongings, so the house looks less cluttered? Maybe you just need storage while the sale or purchase of your home goes through. Are you moving in together or downsizing for the time being? Perhaps you’re considering a gap year and renting out your home? Are you going through a divorce or clearly out a deceased loved one’s home? All of things require storage on a quick basis, even for a short time.

There are lots of reasons why people may want to rent a 10×10 storage unit, the main is because of space. If you feel you need more space in your home or a space elsewhere to store your belongings, then our self-storage unit could be ideal for you.


Why Have A 10×10 Self Storage Unit?

10×10 self-storage units in Darlington and Peterborough are popular storage solutions for lots of our customers. This is because they provide plenty of space for larger appliances and furniture, as well as multiple boxes. A 10×10 storage unit will often meet the needs of must of our clients looking to store seasonal wardrobes, summer furniture, winter sports equipment or excess furniture, for example. It also meets the needs of people who like to do activities in the summer in Darlington or Peterborough.


How Big Is A 10×10 Self Storage Unit?

A 10×10 storage unit is 10 feet wide, by 10 feet long. The unit space totals 100 square feet. In addition to this you have the space upwards too. In general, most 10×10 storage units will have 8 feet ceilings. This will give you around 800 cubic feet of storage and packing space in your unit. It’s important to note that every storage unit is different. Check with the storage supply as to the height of their ceilings, so you know how high you can stack and pack your storage unit.

If you would like to imagine a 10×10 storage unit in your mind, picture an average single bedroom as this is about the same size. Alternatively, picture half of a single sized garage. Both of these will be roughly the same size the 10×10 self-storage unit that you are looking to hire. It’s also slightly bigger than a traditional garden shed.


Is A 10×10 Storage Unit Large Enough For Items From A 2-Bedroom Home?

While we know that everyone is different and has different amounts of belongings, generally speaking, a 10×10 storage unit can hold the contents of an entire living or two bedrooms. This includes the furniture and boxes from these spaces. 10×10 storage units can hold the items from three rooms, if these items are stacked correctly. This would include mattress sets and all appliances.

A 10×10 storage space is ideal for two-bedroom homes of around 800 square feet. However, if your home is bigger than around 800 square feet, we would recommend that you opt for a large self-storage unit in Darlington or Peterborough.


What Can I Fit In My 10×10 Self Storage Unit?

A 10×10 storage unit will hold the contents of up to three rooms in total. However, the space is almost the perfect size for a two-bedroom apartment, or a modest one-bedroom home. Let’s look at some examples of things that you place in your 10×10 storage unit:

If you are a small business owner and looking for a storage unit for business documents, files, records and boxes then our 10×10 business storage units should give you the space you need. You can also store some excess stock, filing cabinets, old office computers, sales and marketing materials, signs, banners and more.

You can store bedroom items such as 2 queen size mattresses or 1 king size mattress along with the dismantled bed frame, dressers, lamps, a wardrobe, desk, shelves and bedside tables, along with your clothes and other belongings packed in boxes.

When it comes to placing the belongings from your living room or lounge, a 10×10 storage unit will be suitable for this too. You can place your sofas or couches, arm chairs and side tables into your 10×10 unit. Items such as rugs, coffee tables, book cases, your entertainment unit and TV can also go into storage if you so require. Recliners, cabinets, bookcases, and mid-to-large size boxes will also fit in your 10×10 self-storage unit.

Maybe you are getting your kitchen extended, refitted or refurbished? If you’re looking to keep these things out the way while works are done on your home, you can use your 10×10 unit to store your kitchen items too. The 10×10 storage unit will have enough space to store your kitchen table and chairs, along with your refrigerator, freezer and microwave. There will also be room to store a high chair, breakfast bar stools, toasters, dishware and crockery along with other kitchen utensils.

If you are looking to clear some space in your shed, loft or garage, dependent on how much you have to store, our 10×10 self-storage unit could be ideal for you. For example, you could place water sports equipment, motorcycles, bicycles, sports gear, seasonal decorations, garden furniture, patio furniture, small trailers, tents and more into your 10×10 self-storage space.

These are just some examples of the types and number of things that you can store in your 10×10 self-storage unit. If you’re not sure what size unit you need, or if a 10×10 storage unit is big enough for you, call our team. We will talk about what you want to place in storage and then recommend the best sized storage unit solution for your needs.


How Many Boxes Can I Fit In A 10×10 Self Storage Unit?

You may be looking for a self-storage unit for your boxed items. This could include things like old photos, books, family heirlooms, old schoolwork and more. If everything is boxed up, you might be wondering how boxes you can fit in your 10×10 self-storage unit. We have given you a rough guide below so you can gain an idea of how many boxes you can place in your self-storage unit.

A medium sized box, for example, is around 20 inches by 20 inches. If your boxes are this size, then you can store just over 140 of these medium sized boxes in your 10×10 storage space. However, a more realistic estimate is 100 medium sized boxes. This is because it will give you room at the top, an aisle down the middle to get to boxes and space to get in and out of the storage unit.


How Can I Pack A 10×10 Self Storage Unit?

When it comes to packing your 10×10 storage space, proper packing is the key to success. We would recommend that you label all your boxes and wrapped items. This way you can see what everything is if you were to need it. Choosing one standard size of box will also help make stacking and packing your self-storage unit a lot easier.

Wherever possible, pack your belongings in boxes. Loose belongings will make packing the storage unit really tricky, so put as much as you can in sturdy boxes. If you are placing mattresses, furniture and other soft furnishings in your storage unit, make sure you place covers on them. This will help to prevent them from scuffs, scratches or getting dirty during transportation to and from the storage unit.


How Much Does A 10×10 Self-Storage Unit Cost?

The cost of the 10×10 storage unit depends on a number of different factors. If you are using a professional and reliable indoor storage facility, then this will cost more than a shed outside, for example. The location of the storage facility and the features of the storage unit will change the cost of the storage unit too. When you look online you will see a cost for your 10×10 self-storage unit and everything it includes. There will be no nasty surprises or hidden costs, that will show the price you will pay for your 10×10 self-storage unit.


Take the guess work out of choosing the right sized self-storage unit for your needs. Call our experienced storage experts now. They will help you choose the best self-storage unit for your storage needs and give you a free, no obligation quote over the phone.