The Best Moving Boxes For Self Storage

If you are looking at putting things in storage, you need to choose the boxes that are best for storage. When you use self storage, it isn’t about just making sure all your belongings fit. They need to be correctly boxed and stacked too. This will reduce the risk of any items and belongings becoming damaged while in shortage.

Storage boxes come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and materials. Each type of storage box has an intended function which it has been created with that in mind. When packing, it can be tempting to throw everything into the largest box you have. However, this can be problematic. Not only could the box be extremely heavy, but it also won’t stack well and items in it could become damaged and broken.

It’s very important that you use the boxes which are best for storage. In this blog post we share the different types of moving boxes with you, so you can choose the best ones for you. 

When choosing the right packing supplies for your self storage needs, think about how long you want to store the items for, the items you want to store and where they will be stored. This will help you decide which of the following moving boxes you will need.

Cardboard Boxes

Many people think cardboard when they think of moving boxes. After all, they are a great choice for many moving and storage situations. Cardboard boxes are also light, easy to pack, simple to label and stack relatively well too. When the boxes aren’t need anymore, they are easy to recycle or break down too.

However, cardboard boxes may not be the best packing supplies for long term storage. This is because this material can be susceptible to damage from situations like damp, heat or humidity. If you are storing the boxes in a shed or garage, you need to know that these boxes will be attractive to pets and rodents too. This wouldn’t be a concern if you’re storing your items as a self storage facility.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are a popular long-term storage solution. They protect your belongings from heat, moisture, rodents and more. Plastic boxes are also easy to stack, strong and sturdy. You will not need other packing supplies such as packing tape and similar with plastic boxes as they will seal themselves. The great thing about plastic boxes is that they are relatively indestructible so they will last you well. However, they are more expensive that cardboard boxes.

If you have short-term self storage needs, plastic boxes could be quite the splurge. However, if you need moving boxes for long term storage, then plastic boxes will be ideal for you. Plastic boxes are also ideal if you don’t store your items in a self storage facility as it will protect your belongings from most things.

Speciality Boxes

If you have belongings that are particularly fragile or valuable, you might want to opt for speciality moving boxes. Speciality boxes are designed specially to store a certain type of item. These moving boxes could be used to store crockery, Christmas decorations, artwork and paintings or a flat screen television for example. 

One of the reasons that speciality boxes are ideal moving boxes is because they make difficult items easier to pack. A speciality box will have the inserts to stop the item moving around so it is protected too. While speciality boxes are more expensive than standard cardboard moving boxes, many people feel the extra cost is worth it to keep their belongings safe and secure.

What Box Size Do You Need?

Choosing the right size moving boxes isn’t just about what you can ft in them. You need to think about how you will store your belongings too. Think about the weight in each box. Below we have listed the standard sizes of moving boxes and the average weight they could hold. It’s important to note that plastic boxes will be able to hold slightly more than the weights listed below for cardboard moving boxes.

Small Boxes

The standard small box is around 1.5 cubic feet in size. This sort of moving box is ideal for packing smaller and heavier items. Small boxes are ideal for fragile items like dishes and vases. They are also good for books, as these can be too heavy for larger boxes. While a standard small box can safely hold up to 60lbs, we would recommend you don’t pack it heavier than around 50lbs – to be safe.

Medium Boxes

A standard medium box is around 3 cubic feet. This box can safely hold around 65lbs of belongings. A medium sized moving box is ideal for storing bigger items that don’t need to be packed tightly. Clothing, pots and pans that need to be stored, are ideal for the medium sized moving box.

Large Boxes

Large boxes are ideal for storing things like blankets, bed sheets, lamps and small kitchen appliances. A standard large moving box measures around 4.5 cubic feet and will safely hold 65lbs. This is the same weight as a medium box. Make sure you don’t overpack the large box with heavy items as the moving box will not be strong enough.

Extra Large Boxes

An extra-large moving box measures just over 6 cubic feet. While this size box can hold around 70lbs of items, you need to be careful. If you overfill a box of this size, it can be extremely difficult to lift. This size of moving box is ideal for things like pillows, duvets, thick winter coats and larger kitchen appliances.

Wardrobe Boxes

As the name hints, wardrobe boxes are designed for clothes storage. Each wardrobe box has a bar across the top. This is where you can hang your clothing from. Wardrobe moving boxes come in different sizes, based on the size and amount of clothing that you need to store. It’s a good idea to utilise the bottom of the wardrobe boxes too. However, try not to add anything that outs too much weight and strain on the box.

Our Top Tips For Choosing Which Boxes Are Best For Storage


It doesn’t matter what size or type of box you use, if it is bad quality. A high-quality box with no rips, cracks, tears or other damage will be ideal for you. However, a poor-quality box, no matter the size, could let you down. You need moving boxes and packing supplies that are in good shape and strong.


How you stack the boxes in your self storage space is just as important as the boxes you choose. Think about the weight of the boxes before stacking them. Try and put the heavier boxes towards the bottom of the piles. If you have loosely packed or half packed boxes, then put these at the top. Alternatively, you could use packing materials to fill the gaps and make them sturdier to protect your belongings.


Labelling your moving boxes is essential. While you may be confident that you’ll remember what is in each box, visiting your self-storage unit a few months or years down the line – you may have forgotten! Make sure the boxes are clearly labelled so you know exactly what is in each box. You will thank yourself for organised and clear labelling in the future. 

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