More and more people are looking towards self storage as a safe and secure location for their belongings to stored. Tight security is essential for customers, so they know their prized possessions are safe in storage. Here at Quick Self Storage we offer keyless entry. This gives our storage customers complete peace of mind that their belongings will be safe while in our self storage facilities.

Our keyless entry self storage units mean that our self storage customers can use their credentials to enter their storage unit when they want to. This takes our security to the next level, offer excellent customer satisfaction and means our customers can gain access to their belongings whenever they choose; early mornings, lunchtimes, evenings night or day.

Why Is Keyless Entry So Useful For Self Storage? Quick Self Storage

Our self storage units don’t have locks or padlocks that can be broken by a potential intruder. Instead, the doors to individual storage unit will only open in response to the Bluetooth signal from a customer’s phone.

Our self storage customers don’t need to remember that they need their keys, special usernames or passwords. Instead, they can just use their own smart device. This means that our customers have no worries about loosing the keys or remembering to lock up. It’s all done for them, automatically.

Keyless entry is useful for self storage for many reasons. Below we share some of the many benefits of keyless entry for self storage units in Darlington and Peterborough.

The Benefits Of Keyless Entry For Self Storage Facilities


Here at Quick Self Storage we put our customers first, before anything else. Our keyless entry to their units is convenient for the customer. It is a system that makes their life easier. Our customers don’t need to keep hold of keys and ensure they don’t get misplaced or remember tricky codes and passwords. Access can be gained to their storage units from their smartphone. This gives customers access to their own storage unit as well as entrance to the building and any internal doors. 

Peace Of Mind

Our self storage facilities offer high quality and excellent security storage units for our customers. Our locking systems are completely wireless and therefore tamper proof. As a customer your keyless entry will give you access to the area of the building your unit is in and your unit alone. No customers can go into another customers storage unit with their keyless entry. This takes away the worry of losing your keys, damaging the padlock or someone breaking into your unit. Instead, our customers have complete peace of mind that their belongings are safe.

Why Is Keyless Entry So Useful For Self Storage? Quick Self Storage

Save Time & Money

If you loose a key to your storage unit you may have to call in a locksmith to give you access to your storage unit and to ensure your belongings are still secure. This can be extremely costly. It also takes time to call in a locksmith and arrange for them to come to your storage unit. A lot of self storage companies won’t keep spare keys to offer a good level of security. Also, if you have misplaced your keys, how do you know if they have landed in the wrong hands? With our easy keyless entry, you save time and money as there are no keys to lose or locks to change.

Here at Quick Self Storage we make self storage as simple as possible to make you life as easy as possible. We offer secure., indoor self storage units for business and private use. There are a wide range of storage units available in Peterborough and Darlington and we can meet any storage requirements. 

Want to know more about our keyless entry to our self storage units? Call our self storage specialists.