Your self storage unit can be used to store lots of different items, as we have mentioned in previous blog posts. However, there are also some things that you should not put in self storage. In this blog post we share some of the things that you cannot put into our storage facility. However, if you have any questions or packing supplies and items you are not sure about – just ask. We will happily answer any queries about our storage facilities.

Food and Perishable Goods

You can not store food and perishable goods in our storage facilities. This is because they may become mouldy, smelly or attract unwanted pests and bugs. However, if the food items are packed with the correct packing supplies, secure and protected then they can be stored in our units. As a general rule of thumb, we would not recommend storing food or perishable items in our storage units.


We do not allow the storage of animals or pets in our storage facility. This is for the safety of the animals and the safety of our storage facilities and clients’ belongings. When we state that animals can not be stored in our storage facility, this includes birds, fish, mammals and reptiles. No animals can be stored in our storage units.


Just as we can’t allow pets and animals to be left in our storage facilities, the same goes for humans. People are not allowed to use our storage facilities as a permanent location of residence, or even as short-term accommodation. While our storage units are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, they can not be used as a place to stay personally or for business.

Combustible or Flammable Materials

While it may seem obvious, there may be some things that are combustible or flammable that you haven’t considered. For example, gas, paint, oil, petrol and some cleaning solvents are combustible or flammable. These are items that can pose a risk to the facility so we would not recommend those being placed in our storage facilities.

Firearms, Weapons and Explosives

It is recommended that firearms and guns must be stored in a gun cabinet or locked container. Due to the multi-use and number of people using our storage facilities, we are not a place where firearms can be stored. Explosive devices cannot be stored in our storage facilities. This is for the safety of our other customers, their belongings and our storage facility. The items represent a hazard and therefore cannot safely be stored in our self storage facilities.

Chemicals and Radioactive Materials

There are only certain places where chemicals, biological agents and radioactive materials can be stored. Our personal storage is not a location for this. This is because they are considered to be inherently dangerous. They are unable to be stored because they pose a risk to the storage facility and those within it. These items include toxic waste, propane tanks, acids, kerosene, asbestos and more.

Illegal Items

If you don’t legally own something, then you shouldn’t be storing it either. This includes illegal items and goods such as counterfeit or fake products, smuggled items, stolen goods, unlicensed medicine or unsafe goods for example. We do not allow our storage facilities to be used for these illegal items, at all.


We would not recommend that money is kept in packing supplies within our self storage units. Instead, we would recommend that you use specialist storage for money. This could be a safe deposit for example. Our storage units are safe and secure. However, we would recommend storing items like this with a higher level of security.

This blog post has given you the main items that you cannot use our storage facilities for. These guidelines are in place to keep your belongings safe and to keep the facility and other people’s belongings safe. If there is something on the list that you are not sure about, or have any queries about something you want to place into personal storage, then please contact us directly.