Self storage facilities offer a flexible and affordable way to store a selection of belongings. These stored items could be personal belongings, household furnishings, garden furniture, business stock, student belongings or business archives, as just some examples.

When you use a self storage facility, you are the sole keyholder of your unit. This means that you can access your unit as often as you like. At these times you can add things to your storage unit or take things out of storage. Generally speaking, a storage unit is often rented on a monthly basis, but you can keep yours for as long or as short as you need storage facilities for.

  • What Are Self Storage Facilities?

Self storage, self store or self service storage are all different names and variations of self storage facilities. It’s a location where you can rent a space to use for storage. This storage space can then be hired for as long as you choose. It could be a large container, a room or a small locker that you hire. You pay for the space you use, and you choose the space that you need for the items that you want to place in storage.

Generally speaking, the space that you rent is more commonly known as a storage unit. These storage units will often be in a purpose-built warehouse. This is known as a self storage facility. Self storage facilities, like ours in Peterborough and Darlington, offer a service that provides a place where you can securely and safely store your belongings. You can then get your items from storage as and when you need them.

The Different Types Of Self Storage Facilities

There are several different types of self storage options to choose from. There is no right or wrong self storage facility, it just depends on what your self storage requirements are. Think about the type of things you plan to store, how long you will need to store them for and how often you’ll need access to them. This will help you choose the best type of self storage facility for your needs from the list below.

Indoor Storage Options

There are various types of indoor self storage facilities available to you. We share some examples of these indoor self storage options below for you.

  1. Self Storage Unit

A self storage unit is housed within a secure building. Each individual self storage unit will be secured with its own lock and keypad. As the owner of that storage unit, you would be the only person with access to that unit. The self storage facility where your unit is located can be accessed at any time within their opening hours. Your self storage unit may have drive-up access or covered loading bays. This will make it easier for you to unload your vehicle and place your items into storage. Some self storage facilities will also have pallet trucks or fork lift trucks available for larger items that you need placing in your storage unit.

  1. Warehouse Storage

Indoor warehouse self storage facilities is often more common for businesses that have large items to store. This could be large equipment or heavy plant and machinery items. A business will often look to rent or purchase the warehouse space. This will be done on a longer-term basis than self storage units are rented for. As a business owner, you may choose to employ a security firm to keep the warehouse storage facility safe, secure and protected. Your warehouse storage space is likely to be rented to you under a traditional commercial lease. In turn, this may attract tax liabilities.

What Are Self Storage Facilties Quick Self Storage

Outdoor Storage Options

There are various types of outdoor self storage facilities available for you. Again, it is dependent on the type of items that you are storing as to which self storage facility is the right one for you. Below we share some examples of outdoor storage options.

  1. Storage Containers

Storage containers a good outdoor storage solution, if you have the space for them. They are large steel containers that will be delivered to your home or business. The storage containers can be filled and then collected and stored elsewhere. Alternatively, you can keep the storage container on your land and gain access to it whenever you choose. Some businesses use storage containers as a solution for storage of large items such as large commercial equipment for example. Meanwhile, they can be used for private and personal for the storage of items such as boats or vehicles for example.

  1. Lockups

Lockups are one of the most traditional storage facilities. This is because they were the main option of storage for many years before self storage facilities were created. A lockup tends to be a privately rented garage in an area with other garages. It will have a door that goes up and over, like a traditional garage. Security is limited to these kind of storage units though.

Mobile Storage Options

Along with indoor and outdoor self storage solutions, there are mobile storage solutions too. As with all storage solutions, it’s about finding the one that best suits your own, individual storage needs. Below we look at the two different types of mobile self storage options that could work for you.

  1. Pod Storage

If transport is an issue for your and you are unable to get your belongings to a self storage unit, you can use pod storage. This is where a storage unit is delivered to your home or business. The unit is then left for you to fill it, or you can arrange for the pod storage company to fill it with your belongings for you. The pod can then be kept at your location for as long as you need. Alternatively, the pod storage company can take the pod away and place it in their own self storage facilities until the time when you need the items back.

  1. Box Storage

If you have smaller items that you need to place in storage, but you do not need regular access to them, then box storge could be ideal. Books you want to keep safe, important work documents that need to be kept but aren’t needed and old photos are all typical items that are often placed in box storage. The box storage company send you the box and you fill it with whatever you need placed in storage. The company will then place your box into their own self storage facilities until you need it returned to you.

Who Uses Self Storage Facilties?

In short, the answer to the question who uses self storage facilities is anyone! It really is the case that anyone can use self storage facilities. If you are running out of space or need items safely stored elsewhere then you can use a self storage unit.

  • Individuals

Individuals, such as homeowners, students, people moving home or renovating their home will use our self storage units for a number of reasons. Our storage units are often used by individual’s excess household furniture, goods or family heirlooms. It can also be used to give people more space in their home, garden, garage, shed or loft. Our storage facilities are sometimes used when people are travelling or working away for long lengths of time. They can also be used between moving houses or when selling a house, so the home looks decluttered when house viewings take place. Some homeowners will use our self storage facilities to keep items safe and protecting while refurbishments or DIY work is taking place at home. Our storage units are also ideal for people looking to downsize their homes too.

  • Business Owners

Businesses will often use our self storage facilities for a number of reasons too. One example if for storing excess stock that is either seasonal or cheaper for the business to purchase in bulk. Some businesses will use storage units to store infrequently used tools or large machinery. Archived records, office furniture and other office equipment can also be stored in our storage units. Very often retail businesses will use our storage units for shop furniture, fittings and seasonal decorations. We also have musicians and bands that will use our storage units for the safe storage of their musical instruments and stage equipment.


What Size Is A Storage Unit In A Self Storage Facility?

One of the great things about storing your belongings in a self storage facility is that you can choose the size of storage unit that you require. The standard size of a self storage unit is normally 30 square feet, as an industry standard. However, here at Quick Self Storage we have a self storage facility full of purpose-built self storage units. This means that we can create the size of storage unit that you require for your storage needs.


How Long Can You Use Self Storage Facilities For?

We rent our self storage units to customers on a short-term basis. For many self storage facilities this will tend to be week to week, or month to month. The great thing about this is that you have flexibility for your storage needs. If the DIY project or house move is taking longer than planned, you can just extend your self storage unit hire for longer. You could use our storage units for a few weeks while you clear out the house for viewings. It could be a few months while you travel the world. Alternatively, you could use our self storage facilities for a longer length of time. We tend to find businesses will require our self storage units for a longer length of time. We are often able to offer a reduced cost on longer-term storage unit hires.


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