Self-storage facilities are becoming more and more popular all the time. This is because many of us need the extra space in our homes. Over the years we have collected things that are important to us. However, these things are now taking up valuable space in our homes and offices. This is why people are turning to self-storage units as a secure place to store their much-loved possessions and belongings. They know it’s safe, but it’s also out the way.

In this blog post we look at just some of the many reasons that self-storage is so popular.

For Home Or Office Relocation

One of the most common reasons that self-storage is so popular is because are relocating their homes or offices and need short-term storage for their belongings. Whether you are moving some distance, or need the property to be empty for viewings, our self-storage units can offer the temporary location for your belongings until the you are ready to move into the next property. Relocating from your home or office can be a really stressful time as you are managing lots of things at once. Self-storage units are popular because they help take this stress away and give you a bit of breathing space.

Business And Commercial Growth

You don’t need to be moving office to need self-storage. In fact, a popular use of our self-storage facilities is for growing businesses. Perhaps you need space to store equipment that is rarely used, for example? Maybe you have seasonal stock or equipment that you want to keep safe in storage to free up some room within the business? Some businesses find that bulk buying stock and storing it in our units can actually help make them more profit in the long run. Many businesses will have times when they need more spaces, but larger offices mean higher business rates all through the year, and sometimes the extra space isn’t needed throughout the year and the cost of a bigger office to too much. If you need more space from time to time or expanding your business premises is not an option – then self-storage facilities in Darlington and Peterborough, like ours, can often be the perfect, cost-effective solution.

Home Extension

When you decide to get an extension on your home, whether it’s for larger rooms, more rooms or extra storage – it will feel like your home is upside down. No matter how hard your builders try, dust will still get into the home and on your belongings. You will also find yourself living in a smaller part of your home than you’re used to while work is being done on your home. This is another popular reason that people chose self-storage units. They can place their items into storage, knowing they are safe and protected. It also gives them the extra space in their homes, while living in a smaller space. Your builders will be pleased you are putting your belongings in storage too as it gives them more room to work in. They also won’t need to keep stopping to move your things so the extension will get competed quicker too.

Working Away

Whether you are working away for a few months or have decided to take a gap year and explore the world, your home will be empty of occupants. If you own the home, then you will be making mortgage payments on an empty house. Why not place your possessions into storage where they be safe, and you could rent your home out? This will bring in extra money while you are exploring new areas and experiencing new things. Perhaps you live in rented accommodation and need somewhere to keep your belongings and furniture until you return. Once again, this is where a self-storage unit can help. You don’t need to sell all your things and then start again on your return. Instead, everything will be stored safely for you, awaiting your return.

House Clearance

Loosing a loved one is a really sad occasion and a stressful time for anyone. You need to take time out for you, to mourn and to deal with your emotions. However, there are times when the home needs to be cleared quickly to be given back to the landlords or for rebate reasons, for example. This is the last thing many people want to worry about when their loved one passes. With so many things to go through and so many memories to experience, it’s a time-heavy and emotional time for many. So, why not use self-storage as a temporary measure. You can place the items in storage until you feel ready to deal with them. At this point you can take your time as you go through the belongings on your own or with loved ones. There will be no time pressures and you and your family can take the time that you need.

Hobby Space

Lots of us picked up new hobbies during the pandemic when we had lots of spare time. While we made promises for the future that we would always make time for our hobbies, time has quickly disappeared again. A dedicated hobby takes time. However, some hobbies also take up a lot of space. Maybe you a train set enthusiast but your family don’t have the same passion and are nagging you for the space the train sets are taking up? Perhaps you’re into gold, fishing, skiing or rowing for example. All of these hobbies need equipment. This might be equipment that isn’t used every day, but maybe every few months. However, it still takes up space. This is where self-storage can be extremely popular. It gives you the safe and secure storage you need. You can then gain access to your unit and collect the equipment you need as and when it’s needed.

Why Is Self-Storage So Popular? Quick Self Storage


Whether you are collecting for fun, as a passion or as an investment to make money in the future when these items are sold on, collections can take up room. Maybe you collect magazines or comics? Perhaps you’ve been collecting Disney toys over the years, football memorabilia, different versions of monopoly games or starwars figurines from years gone by. It’s only normal that you want to keep these things safe and secure, but is your home the best place for that? Not only will these collections be taking up much needed space in your home, but they might also be gathering dust or getting sun damaged too. You could place them in your loft space, but what if the damp or cold damages them? Using a self-storage unit gives you the extra space in your home that you need, while ensuring your collectables are safe and secure, with minimal risk of damage.

Document Archiving

If you run a business from home, you’ll know there will be a lot of documents that need storing and keeping safe. This includes receipts, expenses and company documents, as well as client details and supplier details too. Dependent on the industry you are in, there may be documents that need to be stored for a set length of time too. This can result in lots of paperwork and documents in your home that are not needed but must be kept. Why not place them in boxes and put the boxes in storage? This way the documents are kept safe, and you know where they are, but they’re not taking up room in your home office? Our self-storage facilities are popular for people working from home, running a business from home and businesses without the storage space on site to keep the unrequired documents that must be kept safe legally.

Your Space Is Worth More

One of the most popular reasons that homeowners use our self-storage facilities is because the space in their home is important to them. They may be happy in their neighbourhood, love their home and the local area, but they just don’t have the space they need. Through utilising self-storage facilities, homeowners can stay in the homes they love, while having their possessions stored safely. This could be baby items that you need for your planned 2nd baby, or items you need to keep out the way for the safety of your young children for example. Self-storage can be ideal for these bulky items that you don’t have the room or need for right now, but you will again in the future. It’s also great for the items and possessions in your home that you can’t bear to part with – just yet.

As you can see, there are lots of different reasons that people opt for a self-storage unit. Hopefully this has helped you see why self-storage is so popular among homeowners and business owners too. There are hundreds more reasons that people use self-storage, but these are the most common reasons we have been told by those that use our self-storage units in Peterborough and Darlington.

We have seen a real growth in the popularity of self-storage units with more and more people using them all the time. Look around your home or business premises and think about the items you have. Do they really need to be with you, or could they be in storage? What could you do with the space these items are taking up?

Want to know more about our self-storage facilities and how they could work for you? Call our team now. We will happily answer any questions you have. We can ever show you round our storage facilities in Darlington or Peterborough. This way you can think about what space you could gain in your home, by placing some of your possessions into storage.