While across Europe the use of personal storage spaces is fragmented, self-storage in the UK is very much on the rise. The demand in the UK is strong, and even though the UK has 47% of the total number of facilities in Europe and the UK, these are still high in regard to occupancy.


When we look at the amount of storage space available and the number of facilities, to number of users, the UK comes in first and France is second, with much smaller amounts of self-storage spaces.

Research shows that there are well over 1,500 personal storage spaces in the UK. In recent years there has been a rise of 5% in the amount of self-storage facilities. There has also been an 8.8% rise in the amount of space used for self-storage too. The research from Self-Storage Association UK clearly shows that there is a growing consumer demand for personal storage needs.

Interestingly, the average size of units is growing too. Self-storage units are still more popular for domestic use as opposed to businesses. Personal storage needs do tend to be a lot smaller in the space they require. In fact, 70% of domestic users will rent less than 100 square foot. 

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Companies and business owners will often rent larger storage units, and some will even have more than one storage unit for their business storage needs. Looking across the UK Self-Storage Association UK found that 60% of self-storage users are domestic clients and 40% are business owners.

Here in Peterborough, we have twice the UK average per capita with many self-storage operators around London and the South East of England. In Scotland, you will find that most of the self-storage operators are located along the Central Belt in Edinburgh and Glasgow for example. Darlington is growing too.

Even though we have so many storage facilities in the UK, the consumer demand is still growing, and it is still a developing market. Research by Self-Storage Association UK found then even though only 2% of people in the UK use self-storage, over 40% have said that they will use it again for their personal storage needs.

If you’re looking for space for your personal storage needs, call our team. We can help you ensure you get the right storage space you need for the belongings that need storing.