Storage often is at a premium at home, and creating more space for a new baby can add a lot of pressure on the home.

Expecting a new baby is such an exciting time. However, for such small and cute things, they need a lot of stuff and a lot of space too. If you live in a smaller home, you may quickly find just how much space they need. As well as their cot, baby bouncer, wardrobe, baby change station and more – they also have baby bouncers, large toys, clothes and nappies that take up a lot of room too. But don’t worry, we have some storage tips to keep it under control. With a little decluttering, reorganising and rearranging of your home, it is possible to transform a small space to comfortable accommodate the whole family. Personal Storage from Quick Self Storage can help too!

Declutter Your Space Before Your New Baby Arrives

Whether you have been in your home 6 months or 6 years, you will have built up clutter during this time. Take the time to go through the rooms, cupboards and areas within your home to declutter. This includes the food cupboards too. Check the dates and look for space saving hacks in cupboards as that space will be needed for jars of baby food, tubs of milk powder and more. We recently put together a great guide to help you with decluttering your home, do check it out.

A Baby Corner

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You don’t need a spare room in the short term. Instead, you could create a baby corner in the master bedroom. This could be a portable small crib in a corner of your room for example. If you have a large chair or furniture in this corner, you could place it in temporary personal storage until circumstances change. Add some cute decorations to the walls in the corner and some hanging toys to create the perfect little space for your little one.

Convert A Built In Wardrobe

If you’re short for space in your room but have a built in or walk-in wardrobe, use that as a baby room. Take the doors off the built-in wardrobe and you have the perfect nursery for your baby. Place your crib in the wardrobe and add some shelves for storage around the crib. It can be your baby’s room while they are still small. If there are things in the wardrobe that are rarely used or worn, why not move them into personal storage facilities.

Make A Shared Room

If this is your second bundle of joy or you already have more than one child, then why not make a shared room for your children. This is not only a great space saving solution, but it will help your children bond in their younger years too. It’s important that you give each child their own part of the room though. Decorate the room to suit the tastes of both children and design something that ages well so it will last a few years.

Use Vertical Storage

When it comes to space saving solutions vertical storage is definitely the way to go. This is especially the case for babies who don’t need access to the shelves themselves. Mounting shelves and peg boards to the walls gives you the perfect storage solutions for all the baby essentials from clothes and nappies, to creams, wipes, toys, blankets and more.

Hanging Toys

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A toy hammock is a great solution for smaller toys. It frees up space in your cupboards as these bulkier toys can be hung on the wall and above the cot too. Not only is this a great space saving solution, but it looks great in a nursery too, keeping the floor space clear but the toys close to hand.

Extra Hanging Rails For Added Storage Space

Baby clothes are very small. While some items for your baby and even young children will need to be hung, they don’t need the full hanging space. Instead, you can double the hanging space with an extra hanging rail in the cupboards or wardrobes. This means that double the amount of clothes can be hung in the same space.

Multi-Purpose Furniture Useful Beyond The Baby Stage

You are not the only parents that have a lack of space in your home for a new baby. There are lots of parents out there in similar boats. Due to this, space saving multi-purpose baby furniture has been designed for parents just like you. A changing unit that can also be used as a dresser is a great idea for the master bedroom. Cots with storage drawers underneath and around them are a great idea too. Look for baby items that have multi-uses and you’ll quickly see how much room can be saved in your home.

Need to make space for your new addition? Move any unnecessary furniture or seasonal items into our personal storage facility in Peterborough or Darlington. It doesn’t need to stay there forever. We can store your belongings for a few weeks, a couple of months or a year or two if you need.