When it comes to finding a storage unit for your belongings, you want a self-storage. However, if you have never used self-storage before, you may be unsure of what to expect from a good self-storage unit. This is why we have put this blog post together. It has been created with you in mind – so you are aware of what you can expect from a good self-storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington.

Before you think about what to expect in a good self-storage unit, you need to think about what you need from your storage unit. For example, you need to think about what you want to place into storage. It’s important you think about what sort or storage you want too. For example, will a shed or garage be ideal, or will you want a storage unit where you know your things will be safe.

It’s important that you think about the size of storage unit you will require but also the budget you have available for storage. Don’t forget you will need storage insurance too, so make sure you are aware of this additional cost.

There are also certain things that you will need to rent a self-storage unit. These include things like valid ID. This could be a passport or driving licence for example. You will also need to sign a contract before storing your belongings at the storage facility. Make sure you check the contract fully before signing it. This way you will know exactly what to expect from the self-storage unit but also what they expect from you.

Different Sizes

You can expect that a good self-storage facility will offer self-storage units in various sizes. These individual units will vary in size dependent on the need of the user. If you call our team and explain what you are storing and how much you have, they can recommend the right sized storage unit for you. People working in a good self-storage unit will expect to be asked for help. This is because they have a lot of knowledge industry and have helped self-storage customers like you many times before.

A good self-storage will be able to offer the length of time that you need. You should be able to opt for a long-term storage requirement or a long-term storage requirement, dependent on your needs. You will often have a rough idea of how long you will need the storage unit for. If this shortens or lengthens, for any reason, just let the self-storage company know. You can expect that a good self-storage company can meet your storage requirement needs. This should even be the case if you need larger or smaller storage, or if you need it for a longer or shorter length of time.

You can expect that a good self-storage unit will base the cost of the storage solutions on how much space you need and how long you need the storage for. There will often be deals available on length of rent and similar. It’s a good idea to check the deals so you can find the best storage price for your needs.

What To Expect In A Good Self Storage Unit? Quick Self Storage

Rental Agreement

A good self-storage unit will give you a rental agreement. This is also referred to as a rental contract, a self-storage contract or a lease agreement. It will specify the terms of your lease. This is a legally binding document. Make sure you read it properly and carefully before signing it. This will ensure that you abide by all the requirements in the document, but the storage company will abide to their side too.

You can expect that a rental agreement or contract from a good self-storage unit supplier will include a description of the unit with regards to it’s size, where it is and what is included. The contract will include you agreed length of lease and the total cost of the rent of the storage unit. You will see the amount of the expected security deposit stated, along with when payment is due and what form of payment is accepted.

It is likely that the rental contract will also include what happens if payment is late or not received. There will also be any additional fees included in the contract, such as extra keys, lock-cut fee and auction fees for example. Your tenant rights and responsibilities will be included in the contract, as will any landlord rights and responsibilities.

You can also expect a contract from a good self-storage unit to include cancellation terms as well as specification of what you can and can’t store in the unit. There will often be a value limit for the belongings in the self-storage unit along with a moving out process too. This will state when you need to give notice and the condition the unit needs to be left in.

As you are looking at different self-storage units while doing your research, you will see they offer different facilities and amenities. From a good storage unit, you can expect climate control to protect your belongings. You should also be able to expect a good degree of accessibility, for example in evenings, weekends or holidays. A number of locks and CCTV video surveillance will also be provided in a good self-storage unit. There should and will also be good overall safety and security of the storage facility and individual units.

Good Customer Service

You should also be able to expect a good to excellent level of customer service from a good self-storage unit. You can get a feel for the level of customer service by visiting the self-storage company yourself. See how you are treated and how they make you feel. You can also look for reviews online and see what other people say. This will tell you how good any companies customer service levels really are.

If you are looking for a good self-storage unit in Peterborough or Darlington, call our team. We can help talk you through what we offer and listen to your storage needs. Our team have any years of experience helping people just like you. We can help you understand if you really need storage for your items and the best type and size of storage for your needs. Want to know more? Call us now.