Decluttering Can Help You Save

Most homeowners want more space in their home. However, adding an additional room to the home isn’t always an option. It can be expensive and there may not be the space available around the home to extend to an extra room. It’s no secret that many of us would jump at the chance of increasing the size of our living space – but it’s not always possible.

But what if there was a way to gain more space in your home, without spending thousands and without moving to a new house?

Here at Quick Self Storage, your personal storage and furniture storage solution in Peterborough, we know a way.

Declutter Your Home!

It’s very easy for a home to quickly become overrun with belongings, possessions, treasured items and more. All of this have, or had, significance and that’s why you want to keep them. It might be something passed down the generations, something that reminds you of a lost loved one or the children’s old schoolbooks for example. While these still hold significant and sentimental value – they are taking up valuable space in your home.

By decluttering your home and clearing out possessions to a safer space, we can have the space we dream of. However, with busy lives this isn’t always possible. Instead, cupboards get more and more full, as do storage areas, the loft and the garage. We live busy lives, so it is hard to keep things organised. We place things in areas to be moved ‘later’ but later often doesn’t come and our homes become full.

When decluttering your home, there is no need to make rash decisions and throw things away that you might later regret. Instead, you can put them in personal storage or furniture storage in Peterborough. This means that if you do need the items, you can get to them easily. However, if you don’t need the items you can keep them in storage or decide to donate or even sell them. Either way, you have the extra space in your home without having to extend or move to a new house which may not be financially possible.

By using personal storage spaces, you can store your things for as long or as little as you want. It could be family heirlooms, artwork and furniture that are stored in furniture storage in Peterborough for years to come. Alternatively, you could use personal storage for summer holidays items and garden furniture, or seasonal decorations. You’ll have some items that aren’t needed all year round. Such as skis, canoes, deck chairs, suitcases and more. These items can all be placed in storage with ease.

Home Storage

If you are looking to put an extra room in your home, it will work out more affordable to put your belongings from the garage into storage. You can then convert your garage into an extra bedroom, playroom, office or anything your heart desires. You’ll gain the extra space and room you want, without moving to a new house and your belongings will still be safe and sound.

Does it feel like your belongings are taking over your home? Then why not look into renting a storage space in Peterborough? This will give you a more spacious and organised home to live in. In turn, you and your family will feel happier and more comfortable in your home. We can also help with storage space in Darlington if you’re moving home there.

Consider Furniture Storage

While renting out furniture storage space in Peterborough isn’t free of charge, it’s probably a lot less than you think. Research shows that it is cheaper to store your excess belongings than move to a larger property. The research also shows that it is more affordable, and a lot more stress free, to move your belongings to self-storage than building an extension on your property – if you can get the planning permission.

Every year thousands of people look to save up a deposit so they can buy their first home. This will often mean moving to a smaller home or moving in with family to pay less each month. The extra money saved can then go towards the deposit for a new house. Many people use personal storage or furniture storage facilities in Peterborough as a way of keeping their belongings safe, while they live in a smaller home. They are still able to save money for their house deposit, all while knowing their belongings are safe and secure.

If you feel you can’t afford to move to a bigger home and want to know how decluttering can help you save – call our team. We will be happy to share any storage advice and ideas with you.