While you can store most things in a self storage unit, there are, for obvious reasons, some things that are prohibited. The reason for this is that they are likely to be dangerous, perishable, or toxic and a reputable storage facility would not want to risk any potential danger to their premises.

Security is on top of the list of priorities for a storage facilities in Peterborough, Darlington, and Liverpool. Anything that could jeopardise the safety of their premises, or their clients’ possessions while in self storage, will not be permitted. With its wide range of uses, for business and personal reasons, a self storage rental has become one of the most popular places to store things.

Most storage facilities issue a list of prohibited goods, and they are similar from one storage rental to another. Here is a list of what you may not store in a storage unit. In this article, we will also suggest alternative storage options for these prohibited goods in the event of you need to find a storage solution for them.

Prohibited items: Living or Perishable

Anything living does not belong in a self storage unit, including yourself. It’s simply not the right place to keep anything like that.

What You Can’t Store in Self Storage Quick Self Storage

Animals, Birds, and Plants
While it may seem like a secure confined space to keep a pet, don’t even think about it. It is forbidden by law. Not only is it dark and cold, but birds and animals need water and food. It’s simply not a suitable place for them, so make another plan, such as getting someone you know to care for them when you are away.

The same applies to plants, or other organic matter, which could attract pests and are in an environment devoid of the light they need to thrive.

Personal Occupation
This isn’t a place where you should think about spending time, or even sleeping there. A self storage unit is great for keeping your possessions, even your business assets, but it’s not an accommodation unit.

Food and Perishables
Storing food in a self storage unit is a bad idea. Not only are they perishable, but they are also attractive to all forms of pests, which use them for food or breeding. The chances of infestation are very good, which almost always leads to damage to other stored goods.

The incidence of a pest outbreak is heightened, which then could spread to adjacent self storage units, endangering other clients’ property. Management of a self storage can’t see what is going on in a self storage unit, as the client has the keys. This means that an outbreak can occur unnoticed inside the unit.

This is why the storage of food items and perishable goods is prohibited altogether. In addition to this, storing appliances that may hold food, such as a refrigerator, should be spotlessly cleaned, ensuring that there are no food leftovers in sight.

Dangerous or Toxic Items 

Illicit Goods
For obvious reasons illicit goods that could include a whole range of items from drugs to stolen materials are forbidden. It would destroy the reputation of the self storage facility and is also against the law.

Toxic Materials and Hazardous Chemicals
Many hazardous materials fall into this category and should never find their way into a self storage unit. The reason is that they are a danger to the safety of all other goods that are stored there.

Flammable materials are a fire risk, while others are environmentally dangerous to all of those at the storage facility.

Storage of these kinds of materials is to be found in specialized storage areas that are designed to accommodate them.

Any form of explosive, weapon, or firearm
Besides being dangerous, self storage is not a place to store any weapon including any ammunition or explosives. They represent a threat to the safety of the storage facility and are prohibited. In any event, these items have their storage regulations which should be followed by their owners.

Medical Goods and their Waste

The storage of medical goods and the disposal of medical waste are subject to their laws as well, and these should be followed accordingly. Therefore, they are not suitable for storage in a self storage unit.

Items of High Value

A storage facility may be very safe, but storing items of high value is discouraged. Rather use a safety deposit box for them, at a bank for example, which caters to their safety better. Here we are talking about important documents, precious jewelry, original artworks, or heirlooms, which are better off being stored in storage spaces designed for them.

It’s good to know what you can and can’t store in a self storage unit. By complying with the regulations, you are committing to safe storage when you do a self storage rental.

Should you have any doubts about the items you want to store, ask the staff at the self storage facility. The team at Quick Self Storage will be happy to advise you should you have any queries.

Quick Self Storage is the First Choice

For a safe storage experience choose Quick Self Storage. Safety comes first, so we don’t want prohibited goods in our storage facility. We are sure you will understand now that you know the reasons why.

A well-run storage facility like that of Quick Self Storage with branches in Peterborough, Darlington, and Liverpool takes care to ensure that no hazardous materials are stored on the premises. After all, we must guarantee the safety of all our clients’ storage rentals.

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