Eaves is a fancy word for sloped ceilings. It’s the spaces on the underside of your roof where the roof attached to your home and juts out. Eaves will tend to be found in lofts. Generally speaking, they are a wasted space used purely for unorganised storage of items not needed throughout the year.

However, if you have eaves storage in your home and want to make the most of them, there are eaves storage options out there. These can be store bought and in set sizes, or you can have custom-built eaves storage that will fit in your eaves space perfectly. This storage can then include drawers and small cupboards for example.

While custom-built eaves storage may be better for your home and a better use of your space, it can be extremely expensive. Meanwhile shop bought eaves storage will be cheaper, but it is unlikely to fit in your eaves space as perfectly as custom-built eaves storage.

Many homeowners find that the loft space is one of the smallest spaces in the home. It can also be the trickiest to get to. While eaves storage will help organise your possessions and keep them in order, the space will still be a tricky area of your home to get to.

However, there are many benefits to choosing bespoke eaves storage solutions. For example, you will have a storage solution that will literally fill every inch of the available space. You will also be able to have it in the colour, style and material that you choose.

Rather than throwing belongings up in to the loft space, you can keep your things organised, so they are easy to find and collect when you next need them. Eave’s storage is great for items that are not needed every day. For example, this could include old wedding photographs, seasonal clothing, paperwork and more.

Self-Storage Units vs Loft or Eaves Storage

If you are wondering if you should opt for using your loft or self-storage for your belongings, help is at hand. We have already discussed the benefits of eaves storage for your home, but is eaves storage the right storage solution for you, your belongings and your home?

Below we share some of the reasons that you might want to pay for a self-storage unit, even if you have a loft in your home. It’s also important to remember that lofts can also be a difficult, impractical and even dangerous place to store your prized possessions and much-loved belongings.


The chances are your loft space is pretty small. Unless you live in a huge mansion it is likely that your loft will be a footprint of your house. It’s likely you will have eaves and beams that will limit the height and useable space in your loft. While a loft can be the perfect space to store a few small or lighter items, such as a Christmas tree or your empty suitcases, it is often not ideal for other items. If you are looking to store larger items like furniture, clothes or boxes for example, then your loft might not be the best solution. Getting these items up ladders and into small loft hatches can often be tricky. This is where a self-storage unit can really help. They are easy to use and gain access too. Plus, you can have the right sized storage unit for the belongings you have, no matter how big or small they might be.


While none of us like to think of our homes being targeted for a burglary or being broken into, it does happen. If you are keeping valuable keepsakes in your home, these could disappear while you’re at work for the day, away for the weekend or off on holiday somewhere sunny. Criminals could be watching your home, see when you are away and be aware of the items in your home. The benefit of a self-storage unit is that you can be sure your items are safe and secure. For example, our self-storage facilities are protected by CCTV surveillance systems, and you are the only one to have access to your storage unit. The premises are locked securely, and our security levels are extremely high.

What Is Eaves Storage? Quick Self Storage


In addition to security, our self-storage units can offer your possessions more protection that you can offer at home too. For example, if your roof was to become damaged in a storm, this could result in items in your loft becoming water damaged or damaged by debris. Some houses have their boilers or hot water tanks in the loft too. If this was to spring a leak, it could result in the belongings in your loft becoming damaged. Lofts are also a common place for pests too. This could result in damage from pests such as your belongings being chewed, damaged or turned into nesting for example. There is also the worry of the weight of items in your loft. If your items are too heavy the loft could fall through damaging your possessions and your home. These are just some examples of where self-storage units can offer better protection for your belongings than your loft space. You will never need to worry about fire, water or pest damage when your items are in our self-storage units in Peterborough or Darlington.

These are just some of the many reasons that you may want to chose self-storage facilities over loft and eaves storage. Call our team now to talk about your storage needs and we can recommend the best sized storage unit for you. There will be no struggling with small loft hatches and ladders, instead you’ll be able to get your items into the unit quickly and easily.

If you want to reclaim the space in your home and protect your belongings, call our team now about our self-storage solutions in Darlington and Peterborough.