Storing furniture in a self storage unit requires thoughtful planning and implementation to ensure items remain undamaged and in good condition. Whether you’re storing furniture short-term during a move or long-term due to space constraints, following best practices is essential.

If you’re planning to store your furniture in a self-storage unit, these tips will help you to secure it safely to minimise the risk of damage.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that your valuable furniture remains intact and in good condition while it is in self storage.

How To Store Furniture In Self Storage Quick Self Storage

Tips for Storing Furniture

  1. Choose the Right Storage Unit
    Select a unit size that will accommodate your furniture without overcrowding. This will ensure that you have space for moving pieces around without them being dented or damaged.
    Opt for a ground-level unit if possible to make loading and off-loading easier.
    Choose a reputable storage facility that has adequate security measures, is clean and well-kept, with competent management. When choosing a facility either be led by recommendations from friends or colleagues or read customer reviews on their website.
  2. Clean and Prepare Furniture
    Thoroughly clean and dust each piece of furniture before storing it to prevent dirt and stains from setting in during storage.
    Disassemble furniture whenever possible to save space and reduce the risk of damage during transportation and storage. Keep all hardware and assembly instructions organised in labeled bags or containers Wrap delicate or upholstered items in protective materials such as bubble wrap or furniture blankets to shield them from scratches, tears, and dust.
  3. Use Proper Packing Techniques
    Use high-quality packing materials such as sturdy moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets.
    Wrap sharp edges and protruding parts with padding to prevent them from puncturing or scratching other items during transit and storage.
    Utilize furniture covers or sheets to shield items from dust.
  4. Take Care When Packing Furniture
    Place large items at the back of your storage unit.
    Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top to prevent stacks from toppling over.
    Pack upholstered items and mattresses flat. If they are on their sides, the filling tends to drop causing them to lose their shape permanently.
    Use duvets, pillows, and cushions to separate items of furniture to prevent scratches, gouging, and denting.
    Leave space between the items of furniture and the walls to allow for ventilation and encourage airflow.
  5. Protect Furniture from Pests and Moisture
    Lay down plastic sheeting or a tarp on the storage unit’s floor to create a barrier against ground moisture. Or place your furniture on pallets.
    Consider using moisture absorbers such as silica gel packets or desiccant bags to control humidity levels within the storage unit.
    Use pest deterrents such as mothballs or cedar blocks to ward off insects and rodents that may cause damage to furniture.
  6. Keep Furniture Accessible
    Pack in such a way as to leave an aisle within the storage unit to facilitate easy access to stored items.
    Label boxes and furniture pieces clearly to enable you to quickly locate specific items when needed.
    Avoid stacking items too high to prevent them from falling over and causing breakages.
  7. Carry Out Regular Inspections and Maintenance
    It is important to regularly visit your storage unit to check for any signs of damage or wear on your furniture. If you notice any issues, it’s best to address them promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your stored items. Additionally, it’s a good idea to rotate and rearrange your items every so often to minimize pressure points and prevent long-term compression of materials.
  8. Check Your Insurance Coverage
    Consider purchasing insurance for stored furniture to protect against theft, fire, or water damage.
    Review your insurance policy’s terms to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your furniture while it is in storage.

Furniture Items Most Vulnerable to Damage During Self Storage

  • Upholstered Furniture
    Upholstered furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, and mattresses, is particularly prone to damage during storage. Fabric upholstery can attract dust, mould, and mildew if not adequately protected. To safeguard upholstered furniture, it’s essential to clean and thoroughly dry each piece before storage. Using breathable covers or sheets can provide an additional layer of protection against dust and moisture.
  • Wooden Furniture
    Wooden furniture is vulnerable to moisture, pests, and physical damage during storage. To protect it, apply a sealant or wax, elevate it with pallets or blocks, and use insect repellents or traps to deter pests.
  • Leather Furniture
    Leather furniture needs special care during storage to prevent deterioration. Apply a leather conditioner before storage to maintain its suppleness and hydration. Avoid wrapping in plastic; use breathable materials like cotton or blankets for protection.
  • Antique Furniture
    Antique furniture is delicate and susceptible to damage from environmental factors. To preserve its integrity and value, store it in a climate-controlled unit away from direct sunlight and drafts. Use padding to protect delicate surfaces during transport and storage.
  • Metal Furniture
    Metal furniture is tough but needs care during storage to avoid rust and corrosion. Clean and dry each piece thoroughly before storage. Apply a rust-inhibiting spray or coating if necessary. Disassemble large items to save space and reduce the risk of damage during transport and handling.

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