Everyone loves a beautiful garden, especially one that is well-manicured and with trees and flowerbeds in full bloom. Behind the scenes, keeping a garden looking good is a lot of hard and dedicated work, especially in a large garden. To achieve this an array of lawn and garden equipment is required and must be kept safely somewhere on the property.

In the winter months when the garden growth virtually shuts down, most of the tools and equipment will not be needed. Instead of them getting in the way, many people find self storage a very convenient way of making more space in the home. Using a self storage unit nearby will also keep them out of harm’s way while still being easily accessible.

While it may not be obvious at first, self storage is ideal for the storage of lawn and garden equipment when it is not in use. Knowing how to store all these items so that they keep in perfect condition will help homeowners ensure they work perfectly when needed again.

As we will see the amount of lawn and garden equipment that needs storage will vary according to the size and complexity of a garden. Fortunately, self storage facilities like Quick Self Storage offer a range of unit sizes. Based in Peterborough, Darlington and Liverpool our Quick Self Storage facilities are very conveniently located for those looking for a storage unit rental.

For those who may be asking why it should be necessary to take the lawn and garden equipment offsite for self storage, there are a few particularly good reasons to do so. But first, it is important to consider the equipment itself and understand what needs to be stored.

What Kind Of Lawn And Garden Equipment Needs Storage?

There are two categories of lawn and garden equipment, both having their own preparation and storage requirements.

  • Power Tools

These valuable items include push and ride-on lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, and trimmers, are either electric or petrol driven. If exposed to wet conditions, rust can cause them to start to deteriorate.

They also are valuable and need to be secure when unattended. This is why the place of storage is especially important, as it needs to be dry, clean, and safe. Before storing power tools make sure that they are completely clean and dry.

Prior to storage all the petrol should be drained from engines and kept separately. Even when drained, it’s best to start the motor and let it run dry completely, thereby ensuring the carburetor and the machine’s hoses are free of fuel too.

  • Loose Tools

It is advisable to keep all the garden tools together, using a kind of racking system to keep them off the floor. Make sure they are all free of dirt when they go into storage. Being loose, it is easy to lose a rake, shovel, fork, or broom if they are not kept in a safe place when not in use.

Store Garden Equipment in Self Storage Quick Self Storage

So, where is the safest place to store them?

Storage in a Garden Shed

If you are one of those homeowners that are fortunate enough to have a garden shed that is in good condition and can be kept secure, then this would be the place at home to keep the lawn and garden equipment.

However, being exposed to harsh weather conditions, a garden shed is prone to deteriorating as it ages and when it becomes tatty and shows signs of wear and tear, then it is surely not the right place to keep expensive garden equipment.

Garage Storage

The problem with garage storage is that it is under a lot of pressure from other items that are not being used, and soon it becomes a cluttered place, even keeping cars from being stored there due to lack of space.

It may be suitable for putting up a wall rack and hanging loose tools, like brooms, forks, and rakes, but the danger is that it is often a thoroughfare for others who could use one of them and forget to return it.

Outside Covered Storage

A further option that is commonly used is under a flat roof as an annex to the house. This kind of covered storage may protect the lawn and garden equipment from the rain, especially if it has some kind of cover over it like a tarp for the winter months.

However, being outside and unprotected it does not offer adequate security to guarantee the safety required to prevent pilferage of some of the expensive equipment, especially the power tools.

Self Storage Benefits

Self storage ticks all the right boxes for safety, moisture control, size, and convenience. It is also the most affordable storage means and for valuable lawn and garden equipment it is the best suited when it comes to overwintering storage.

The rental terms are also user-friendly in that they run per month and no long-term commitment is required. There is space enough for ride-on tractors and other heavy-duty lawn and garden equipment, allowing for spares and accessories to be accommodated too.

Drive or push the wheeled power equipment into the storage unit which is made even easier by the access the self storage unit offers.

Self Storage Rental during Winter Dormancy

Depending on the length of the winter, the storage period may be six months or longer. Imagine if there was more space at home with all the garden equipment out of the way. And, oh yes, if something is needed it’s simply a matter of popping down to the self storage unit to fetch it.

At Quick Self Storage we provide the safest storage environment, with 24/7 monitoring and strict access control. The insulated environment is ideal for machinery and tools used in gardens.

Feel free to visit us, we would be delighted to meet you. Alternatively, pop in any time to view our facility and just book online when you require self storage.

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