When you first start your own business you’ll have a number of concerns – including your finances and finding the right premises. A self storage Peterborough facility can help with both of these and has a great many other benefits as well. Here are our top 7 great reasons to run your business from a self-storage facility

  1. All the space you need – when you need it

You may have started your business at home, and now your stock is overflowing your bedroom and taking over your hallways. Or, maybe you just need somewhere you can spread out your tools without worrying about the carpet.

Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes, so you can start small and expand into a bigger space as your business grows.

7 reasons to run your business from a self-storage facility Quick Self Storage

  1. Flexible contracts to suit your needs

At Quick Self Storage we offer flexible contracts – which means you can add a little extra space to store your seasonal stock and then drop back to your original unit when the demand returns to normal.

  1. Better indoors than out

Having an indoor unit means you have all the security of CCTV, while keyless access from your phone saves you the hassle of carrying extra keys. Plus, you have all the warmth, lighting and wifi you might need.

  1. Self-storage units are more cost-effective

When you first start your business the biggest issue might be your finances. Renting business premises in a city centre means paying business rates, with energy bills on top. Self storage Peterborough units are a simple, low-cost one fee option that saves plenty on your running costs.

7 reasons to run your business from a self-storage facility Quick Self Storage

  1. Easy access for deliveries

Working alone means you have to divide your time between doing the work and running the office. When your business is in a self-storage facility you can remove at least some of the pain – no more waiting in for deliveries. As our reception desk is manned during the day, we can accept deliveries and wait for couriers for you, so you can concentrate on being with your customers.

  1. Easy access for you

If you run a business in your spare time, then having it in a self-storage unit gives you access when at any time of day, so you can start early and finish late without having to worry about noise or the neighbours. You can even close up early if you want to – it’s your business.

7 reasons to run your business from a self-storage facility Quick Self Storage

  1. Increased productivity

Keeping your business out of your home isn’t just about space. It means that when you do go home, you can completely switch off. Close your computer, shut the door – and business is over for the day.

Are you thinking of setting up or expanding your business? Come and talk to us about our self-storage units – we’ll help you consider the best options and make sure you have everything you need for a great day’s business.