Many would say that a garage should be used solely for the purpose it was designed: to park cars there. Considering the value of a vehicle, this would be a valid point, because it makes sense to preserve it from outside conditions and to keep it safe.

However, there is another school of thought, which is if you need an extra garage, rent a self storage unit. The fact that they are very affordable is a bonus, as this is surely the only excuse people would make not to do such a rental.

How best to make use of a garage, compared with what you would do in a self-storage unit is the issue up for discussion here. If there is still space needed, then surely self storage is an obvious alternative.

In that case, Quick Self Storage, with branches in Peterborough, Darlington and Liverpool is an obvious choice.

Garage Vs Self Storage

However, the problem with a garage is that it often is where things are stored when they have no more use in the house, so they are dumped there. This continues until the garage is completely full and choked up. The only thing that would help is a clean out or rearrangement of the space.

It’s a good idea for a garage not to have anything on the floor. This makes cleaning easy, and if everything has been assigned a place to hang or be stored on a surface, or in a drawer, even better.

Self storage is similar to a garage in size and length, breadth, and height. The only difference is that you are unlikely to want to store a vehicle in one. This means that it is dedicated to the use you are planning.

Pros of a Garage

Some of the immediate benefits of a garage over self storage are as follows.

  • It’s free, you don’t have to pay for it.
  • It is near to where you are, so you can access it easily.
  • Anybody can use it, nobody has to go anywhere.

Pros of Self Storage

  • It’s the safest storage there is.
  • Its private, only you have a key, and your neighbours are hardly seen
  • It is insulated, regulating temperatures to ambient.
  • It is a dedicated place of storage with a multitude of uses.

Self Storage Vs Garage Which is Right? Quick Self Storage

Storage Ideas for Garage-Sized Spaces

Storage area is limited by the size available. Make the most of this limitation, there are a few ways to overcome this. This applies to both a self storage unit and a garage.

  • Keep it free of unnecessary junk.

Clean it out thoroughly, getting rid of all the building materials and items that you are not in use. Act ruthlessly to make space. For example, if there is an old washing machine in there, fix it or sell it. It’s no use to you taking up space. Put all your tools and equipment on the floor and decide how you will store them.

  • Storage for Small Items

Keep all your screws, nails, and other steel items in one place, by putting them in their own compartments. You best have this wall mounted in your garage. The cabinet size also does not need to take up a lot of space and safely organizes them in sizes in the drawers.

It’s even useful for your hobby stuff, like fishing tackle, or any crafts like beads or sewing accessories. Label the drawers to make it easy to find the contents and ensure there is a finger grip opening mechanism to open the drawers easily.

  • Overhead Storage Rack

An overhead rack is perfect for the storage of seldom-used items like travel cases or seasonal items. The rack can be fitted to the joists on the roof beam and such a structure is capable of holding a substantial weight.

As this is normally a space not used, an overhead rack can create as much as 90 cubic feet of extra storage space in your garage. This could be a real bonus if space is at a premium.

  • Wall hanger for rakes, brooms, and other tools

How many times have you looked for a rake and it’s in the wrong place? All the implements for the garden and for cleaning such as a spade or brooms can be hung against the wall.

  • Metal Pegboard Tool Organiser

Utilize the wall space efficiently with a metal pegboard tool organizer. Besides being light and easy to install, these panels are well suited for a garage as your tools are easily visible and accessible.

Metal does not fray, and wear and tear are minimal. A pegboard is also a versatile storage accessory as you can add hooks, shelves, or brackets which you slot in the holes of the pegboard.

Simply mount the pegboard securely against the wall, and you will be amazed at how much you can store this way.

  • Workstation

A workstation is a place for storage you can incorporate shelving or drawers into a workstation for yourself. It’s important that you have one of these as you will definitely want to do some DIY projects, home improvement jobs, or painting.

One with built-in clamps and guides for sawing is most useful. This could also be a fold-up workstation so that you can pack it away or put it on casters for you to move around.

Self -Storage is Easy to Arrange  

In the process of reorganising and cleaning up you may realise that there are goods like seasonal sporting equipment, a boat, or items that have been stored in the garage that are seldom used, but still have value to you (like that washing machine you are keeping for your daughter). In this case, pop them into self-storage.

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