Worried about where to store your valuable artwork and antiques when you go away? Worry no more, we have the answer: self storage. Yes, with its outstanding reputation and history for safety, a self storage unit rental should be your number one choice of storage for them when needed.

Based on the experience of many satisfied self storage users, they offer the right storage conditions, while at the same time, safety. Storing antiques and artworks like oil paintings, carpets, tapestries, and other collectables in an environment that’s suitable will prevent them from damage and help keep their value.

Artwork & Antiques Are Investments

As most artworks and antiques are investments, you would want to keep their value. Many could be delicate because of their age or design and be susceptible to spoilage when moved. On top of this, they can be easily harmed by dampness or humidity, as these kinds of conditions can result in the rotting or disintegration of their fibres or wooden frames. Also, light plays a part as the threat of fading of these valuable pieces is an ever-present danger. Thus, they have to be restricted from exposure to too much light or excessive heat.

As a recognized professional in self-storage, Quick Self Storage with its facilities in Peterborough and Darlington understands the importance of attending to all the right procedures in the preparation for the storage of antiques and fragile items such as memorabilia and artworks.

From our experience in the field, we offer the following tips and suggestions for those wishing to store any collectables successfully. Here are some tried and proven guidelines for preparing and storing their possessions in self-storage. By following them your collectables should be assured of being kept safe and will stay in the condition you would like them to be when next needed.

Safe Removal And Storage of Antiques

It is wise to take your time when moving antiques. Don’t rush things, as that’s when mistakes occur. The age and condition of an antique will dictate how carefully it should be treated, which will have an impact on the move. So, take your time and treat them gently.

Collecting antiques is a super hobby and could be a sound investment too. They may have been sourced over a lengthy period, or even have been inherited. As they appreciate in value, it’s a good reason to be careful when you move them. One accidental knock or a poor bit of packaging could cost you all the money you spent on it originally.

The best is to start by treating them first. Add a thin wax coating on the woodwork. It will help protect the item from dust and moisture and is more effective than oil. Use packing materials to wrap them in. If you have the original packing container, such as a box or frame holder this would be ideal. Clean silverware well and lightly dust any artworks you intend to store. Remove all attachments like legs, mirrors, drawers, and shelving and pack them individually in bubble wrap. Use appropriate wrapping for china and glassware that have snug little pouches to house them.

  • Dust sheets or bubble wrap is a good material to wrap your individual items in
  • Loose items that are breakable should be packed in double-walled cardboard boxes or in plastic containers.
  • Avoid stacking goods to avoid pressure on them causing them to break.
  • Store carpets and tapestries flat as rolling or folding attract mould.

Choose the size storage unit you require according to the volume of the antiques you wish to store.

Storing Artworks Safely

Any collector of artworks will advise that the most important thing about keeping a collection is its preservation and safety. As a collection grows space becomes an issue, and there may be a shortage of display space. As these works of art are susceptible to damage, it will be crucial to know how to store them correctly. Many artworks are made from oils or acrylic-based paints done on canvas. While these prints are normally quite durable, they required good preparation before storage and the right conditions during storage to ensure that they are preserved.

Self Storage of Artworks and Antiques Quick Self Storage

Stand Artworks Upright

There is only one way to store a painting: upright. By packing canvases in upright positions, it is the best way to store them. Not only does it minimize the chance of gathering dust and other forms of dirt, but also there is no pressure from anything on top of them.

Compare this if they were stored horizontally. Any form of horizontal storage could cause sagging or the artwork to become loose in its frame. Also, never leave any artwork on a floor surface where it could be damaged by any pests or even accidental spillage.


Exposure To Light Affects Paintings

Fading or cracking is one of the biggest threats to an artwork. Ultra-violet rays from the sun are especially harmful to a canvas piece. The painting will quickly lose its bright look and start to fade. This can happen on a wall at home or in a place of storage that encounters sunlight, so best to be vigilant about this.


Moisture and Heat Can Damage Paintings

Self storage is renowned for its dry conditions and its regulation of temperatures. Both these factors are important and help provide the ideal storage conditions for collectables. Moisture causes mould, which is bad for antiques and paintings, while excessive heat can cause cracking. Our storage facility has insulated storage units which help control inside temperatures.


Use Quick Self Storage For Collectables

When the time comes that you need to store your items of value like antiques or artworks, consider self storage first. It is a safe, cost-effective way to keep them secure. If you need any advice on preparation and packing, you are welcome to ask our staff for their input. They can also advise on packaging materials and storage methods.

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