Ask any small business owners about storage and they are likely to agree that it is an integral part of the business. Finding suitable storage space is a key requirement to keeping the assets of the business secure. While these storage requirements may differ according to the products or services offered, there is one universal storage solution that can cater to the needs of every small business. It’s self storage.

Whatever these offerings are, the space provided, together with the security provided, and all the additional benefits that go with self storage, make self storage amongst the best storage choices for a small business owner.

At Quick Self Storage, our storage solutions serve a small business owner perfectly. With branches to choose from in Peterborough, Darlington, and Liverpool we cover a wide area for small business storage requirements.

Business Storage Needs

Storage needs for a small business extend across a wide array of goods, equipment, and items that require secure storage. They all have value and for business, so their safety when not in use must be assured.

Self Storage for Small Business Owners Quick Self Storage

Storage needs could be any one of the following:

  • Inventory kept by the small business in the form of saleable stock, and raw materials that are needed for manufacturing.
  • Small business records that would otherwise take up expensive space elsewhere. This includes documents and records that may legally be required to be kept for several years. A self storage rental would be the cheapest storage option on offer.
  • Promotion and seasonal stock items often have a short-term storage requirement. As stock builds up additional space may be needed. Self storage is the answer here. This also applies to storage needs for seasonal items.
  • Bulky equipment that is needed by a small business could create a huge headache when it comes to being stored. The size of a self storage unit Is ideally suited to the storage of bulky equipment. A self storage environment is also good for the preservation of equipment ensuring that its functionality is kept in good working order.
  • Retailers may also need to keep extra stock on hand, and as retail space is expensive, it makes sense to utilize a cheap storage alternative nearby. Self storage is a very handy alternative which makes it a preferred choice amongst retailers when extra storage is needed.
  • For online businesses, keeping inventory secure is a must. As the space required needs to offer good access, with receipt and delivery of goods made easy, a self storage unit could well be the answer for an online small business.

Overall, where small businesses need to tailor storage to their budgetary requirements, optimize their running costs, and streamline their business, a self storage rental is the answer.

Why Self Storage for A Small Business?

The advantage of a self storage rental is that to a small business owner, self storage provides many wonderful benefits. These include cost-effectiveness, because self storage prices are extremely competitive, and space optimisation can be achieved. This in turn helps with inventory management and provides the necessary security of the business assets.

Follow good advice if you are a small business owner and make use of a self storage facility nearby. Consider these the benefits of self storage for your business:

  • Most small businesses have tight budgets, So, to spend money unnecessarily on expensive storage doesn’t make good business sense. The long leases required when renting expensive commercial storage space are not suited to the small business owner. This is why the alternative, self storage, with its flexible rental solutions, is a better choice for a small business.
  • The range of sizes offered by most self storage facilities is a big advantage too. It means that the small business owner needs only rent what is required, and if the unit size becomes too small, they can trade up to a bigger one. Alternatively, they can trade down to a smaller one. Selecting the right-sized self-storage unit also means that the business pays precisely for the space required, with no wastage.
  • Whether required for short-term leases or longer terms, a good storage facility will offer flexible lease conditions designed to suit the needs of a small business. It means that the business can manage its inventory accordingly, especially in the season when stock levels climb.
  • The safety factor is one of the most important benefits, as secure storage that is offered by self storage facilities is a huge feature. With tight access control, CCTV cameras, and all the monitoring procedures expected from high-security premises, the business can store safely without worrying about security.

Additional Benefits of Self Storage for Small Businesses

Besides the physical aspects like safety, space, and cost savings, there are several additional benefits to be considered.

  • The first is the accessibility offered through the extended hours of opening, and the location of the storage facility for the small business. This is immensely helpful when anything needs to be collected from the storage facility.
  • Self storage is an ideal support infrastructure for the small business to grow, enabling the small business owner to add additional stock at a known reasonable cost. Coupled with the flexibility of getting a unit of the appropriate size at short notice, the expansion can take place quickly and effectively.
  • To retain cleanliness, productivity, and optimal workflow, a small business should not get cluttered and cramped. This applies to the working environment and the way it is perceived by its customers, The important thing about having a self storage facility to fall back on is that all the records and less frequently used items can be stored in a self storage unit.

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