There are a lot of benefits to setting up a home-based business. Think of the time not spent in traffic, and the costs saved by not having to lease premises for offices and warehousing of stock.

On the downside, there could be some factors that work against a home-based business, like sharing space with the family and the lack of storage space. But there is a very affordable solution to obtaining space when needed. Self storage is used by many a home-based business and the benefits are quite clear.

This kind of storage is a key element for such a business, one example of which is an online startup. When choosing a business such as starting internet marketing to sell products, the products must be stored securely somewhere and distributed as orders come in.

Home-based entrepreneurs are using our storage units at Quick Self Storage as the base where they can stock up, pack, and distribute their products or someone else’s products. We function as a cost-effective, safe place where goods can be received, stored, sold, and distributed.

We have a few branches to choose from, in Peterborough, Darlington and Liverpool and we believe the convenience of having a safe place to store stock is a bonus to a home-based business owner.

Setting up an Online Business

Online businesses are growing as more and more people choose to shop online rather than on the high street. For consumers, it has become an extremely easy and efficient way to purchase almost anything without having to leave the confines of their homes.

The most important things you need to start up are a computer, an online connection, and some knowledge of the internet although there are many courses out there to help the beginner start up. Products to sell can either be something you make, or you sell from somewhere or someone else.

This is also an opportunity to turn your hobby-making items into something that can make you money. If you sell your products at local markets which may not be making you enough money, online selling is a way of getting your products out there to a wider audience.

Building a website is the foundation for your product offerings. This you can do yourself using a user-friendly template if you have some technical expertise, or you can easily find someone online to build one for you and this shouldn’t cost you a lot of money.

Once your website is ready, you will add your product pictures, begin your marketing campaign, and then store, pack, and ship your products.

Self Storage for Home-Based Businesses Quick Self Storage

How do you find products to sell?

If you do not have a hobby that you can turn into a business, finding the correct niche of products to sell will be critical to the success of your online business. You will need to follow trends to ensure you sell products that people want to buy.

You have two options, firstly you can sell someone else’s product (called dropshipping) or secondly, your own if you have confidence that you have something people will want to buy, and you can invest in your product development.


Dropshipping is a quicker way to get your business up and running. You function as a marketing representative for someone else’s products by selling these through your website for a commission. You receive the orders through your website and pass these on to be packed and shipped.

Outside Covered Storage

A further option that is commonly used is under a flat roof as an annex to the house. This kind of covered storage may protect the lawn and garden equipment from the rain, especially if it has some kind of cover over it like a tarp for the winter months.

However, being outside and unprotected it does not offer adequate security to guarantee the safety required to prevent pilferage of some of the expensive equipment, especially the power tools.

Developing your Product Range

Some of the most desired online products right now are in the following niches:

Travel accessories, Health and Beauty Products including skincare, Smartwatches, Hobbies and crafts, Interior design products, Mobile accessories, Pet products, Fine jewelry, and sleepwear.

Keep on researching for new ones to add to your online store, though, as these niches change.

Converting your Hobby 

If you are confident that you have something you make that can be sold, build your website, and start making money out of your hobby, whether it is woodwork, art, sewing, or any other craft you excel at.

These are some steps to follow to get you up and running.

  • Find a name for your business.
    If you already have a name in mind, see if it’s available and register a domain for it.
  • Install WordPress.
    This is a quick process and once you have configured the settings, choose a theme in line with the product category you are developing.
  • Install an e-commerce platform.
    This will accommodate your important trading information, create product pages, receive payments, and provide you with good selling strategies. WooCommerce is such a platform that will help you reach customers and generate sales.
  • Choose a secure Payment Gateway.
    This is needed to receive payments and it is essential you understand how the security works and what fees they charge. PayPal is an example of such a gateway.
  • Put your products up.
    Take the best pictures you can and write exciting descriptions for these products to make them look as good as possible.
  • Complete your website. Make it look as professional as possible with each landing page completed, with keywords and copy geared to search engine optimization. Write a good “About us” and “FAQs” page.
  • Use internet marketing to generate sales. Study up on SEO and use Google Analytics to generate sales and attract customers and sales.

You can rest assured that if you use one of our storage units at Quick Self Storage your stock is safe and packing for distribution is easy. Our modern storage units vary in size and are big enough to start your business. Here your products will be safe, secure, and dry.

You can hire one of our units for 1 month or for as long as you need it, making it an affordable way to access storage without going the formal route of hiring warehouse space. When making a booking we will email you your contract and access code, making it easy and hassle-free for our customers.

If your home-based business needs space, consider a self storage rental. Call us to book a unit when you require self-storage or do it online.

For further information and assistance about our storage units in Peterborough, please contact us on 01733 834183 or visit Self Storage Peterborough

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